Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tennis (and tennis friends)

We were so blessed to get to participate in a homeschool tennis clinic spring 2016. Six weeks of (almost) free lessons at Methodist University conducted by their tennis professional program. So much fun! We did miss one lesson because of our trip to OBX but we took racquets and played a lot while we were gone.

little c even got to play!

We were so excited when our good friends came to visit for their spring break! The first night they arrived we all went to baseball games. They were happy to go with us especially to get to play catch in the empty field.
Most of the time we hung around the neighborhood/ Fayetteville, but we did make one out of town trip. We went to Carolina Tiger Rescue. So glad we did. The kids read a book and then saw a video which talked about the dangers facing tigers- extinction, abuse, neglect, ... and wanted to make a difference. We found the Tiger Rescue and raised money (selling cupcakes, a yard sale). The Tiger Rescue  field trip was fun and informative.

 I wish I had some pics from our backyard camping, park day at Mazarick Park, tennis at Terry Sanford high school,
We did get a pic of our first chicken bath! She liked it!

And Pelicans was a hit for everyone- well, except poor Kelly who caught a bug. Thankful that no one else did!

S and c- two peas in a pod!

KG was crazy about baby T

So glad that no matter how many miles, how many months, these are forever friends!!
Next time we'll have to go back on the trail for old times sake.

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