Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where to start?

You know it's really easier to blog when you just keep doing it instead of waiting a long time and then you don't know where to start!
well they say a picture is worth a thousand words- and also a great way to remember what we did!

These are not in order but still fun.

v has really taken off with his walking- he wants to do it all the time. He had a blast walking all around the tennis courts while the big kids had tennis lessons. 

James made this beautiful dresser for me- such a handyman!

Just tried roasted cabbage- love it!

love V's his size friend!

Sweet girls at our house for our first God's Girls meeting 

James and kids made this super fire pit. we've really enjoyed it- we even collected some Christmas trees around the neighborhood.

I love that we can have fun helping friends!

we took pics of every egg we got for the first bunch- so sweet!

Love the kids deciding on their own to have a winter picnic!

v wasn't quite ready to get in on the eggs 

stroller buddies! we've been going on a lot of walks- we usually have a couple bike riders, a rollerblader or long boarder, 2 stroller riders, and 2 walkers- so fun!

Our princess Valentine's lunch with friends- KG, C, and I made lots of heart shapes (PB & J sandwiches, apple and pear slices, cheese slices, and cookies.) KG was a great helper. So sweet!

James and I were blessed by a friend watching our kids so we could go out for delicious dinner at Sherefe. For our special night out, we ordered the Mediterranean Feast- so good! And we took food home!
My amaretto coffee was so good!

Our newest tradition is me taking our kids out for each of their 1/2 birthdays. Yes, K's was in January but it was during our fast and who wants their 1/2 birthday celebration during a sweets fast:) so February Waffle House it was- ice and all! It was really nice to get out just the two of us! 

Bubble fun after reading One Small Drop. I wanted to put  a picture of our practicing being bat mommies from Apologia Flying Creatures but haven't downloaded my pic yet and I'm tired. So I'll just remember smelling essential oils and trying to find our baby bats :)

My sweet helper! We were blessed to have a wonderful February where we could have fun and help others!