Sunday, November 15, 2015

Soccer 2015

little c and her friend- they were so sweet. they hugged every practice and game and played sweetly together 

Goalie T- he loved it!

I sad mostly sad that soccer is over. We really enjoyed it. The kids improved a lot, had lots of fun, and met lots of super friends. Mostly because it will be good to get our nights and Saturdays back- especially in time for the holidays! We are almost ready for our soccer team. K playing defense, C on offense, KG as midfield, T as goalie, and little c as cheerleader!

Here's the big panthers after their potluck. That was a great idea for an end of season party!

Backyard soccer was super fun! and doesn't have to end. Most days we had backyard soccer!

The best days of backyard soccer were with Daddy!

I was wrong when I thought that going to soccer games wasn't family time- it so is! Lots of time cheering for each other!

where's my zoom lens for my defender?

little panthers after their last game! No one would guess KG was youngest on the team!

Nana and little c cheering on little Panthers at their first game

We were glad that Nana and Papa could make the big boys' first game too!

Not a soccer! but super cute and Cs in a soccer uniform :)

 Ks practice

little c and her friend playing light stick tag- she loved having her friend there! They bonded while playing mudpies  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

well now it's Tuesday   Wednesday and again I didn't meal plan. I did order groceries online. I guess I'll plan meals from what we have instead of what we're getting. I need a plan! not just for this week but for every week. I'm hoping my wonderful husband will help pick a plan- hint! hint! or any of my dear friends and family!

I did find this Meal theme blog post tonight. but it may have a few too many ideas for me. I'm not saying God planned wrong but I definitely could have lived in Little House days- where there weren't so many choices of everything!

Mexican Monday
Travel tuesday
Warm Wednesday:  comfort food
Thrifty Thursday:  leftovers, cheap eats, use up last bits (think soups or fried rice)
Friday night Pizza night
Saturday night grill night
Sunday night 

that still leaves breakfast, lunch, and snacks to plan for. seriously are we supposed to school, clean, and play too- feels like we eat all the time :)

breakfast is ok. we usually alternate oatmeal with eggs & something (pancakes, waffles, puffed pancake), then cereal Sunday

lunch I need a plan: gonna check out some of these 

I'm not the only one struggling here- has some good links. I really need/ want to start freezer cooking- one of these days!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

H week

We had a good week- we were Home more this week than we planned on but it was good. 

Here's having fun with Homeschool soccer

We always enjoy our family devotion near Halloween when James carves the pumpkin and we tell the pumpkin parable. This year we added yummy pumpkin pecan cobbler. so good! 

Here's round 1 of costumes- we were going to our homeschool fall festival:
2 pirates, 1 princess, 1 karate kid, 1 butterfly, and 1 soccer goalie
 We had a great time at the homeschool fall festival- balloon, egg, 3 legged, and potato sack races, bowling, haystack finds, and more fun!
I lead the 1st -3rd graders. when our group got bigger, we split into boys and girls. Little C was happy when she left the big kids to go join her age- especially since her friend T was there!

Helping out friends and Having fun! bunch of boys building forts!

Happy baby, happy daddy. (and Happy mommy since I got to go out all by myself for a Hair cut and some alone time!)

Hanging out at the soccer field- cheering for two games!

Round 2: church fall festival
2 pirates, 1 Dorothy, 1 Cowardly lion, and 2 Army friends

plus 1 Daddy, 1 goalie, and 1 Army football player

Hay ride with Heather!

Round 3: passing out church bags and trick or treat!
2 pirates, 1 goalie, 1 Army football player, 1 princess, and 1 ballerina=
6 tired kids!

Happy with all her 'marties!