Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mickey Mouse, Migraines, Mobile

I'm not sure where I left off but we've had an exciting last couple weeks. It seems like my last post was about B week and now it seems we're on M week if you read today's blog title. In fact, we had D week last week at Disney World. We had a wonderful week (of course if we were making a movie of the week I would edit out some moments where boys showed how tired they were.) But most of the movie would show wonderfully fun moments of boys super excited to give Disney characters hugs, ride great rides like Peter Pan & Dumbo, ride Small World twice in a row without waiting at all (Sept is a great time to go!), go on a safari ride in Animal Kingdom. I have found one problem with showing our trip- it's hard to pick out pictures we had so many great moments. James and I even went out by ourselves one night- we went to Night of Joy. actually went in without any kids, not even a bag with us- we rode Tower of Terror and Aerosmith Rollercoaster. Another night- the 8 of us went to Arabian Nights- the boys hardly ate because they were absolutely enthralled by the horses. When we weren't out at the parks, we spent a lot of time in the pool or lazy river. The boys all did great swimming- K passed his first swim test so he could do the big slide. C didn't make it all the way across but he sure swam fast- he caught me before I got out of the way. T figured out how to swim by himself in his floatie suit

we enjoyed a week of the parks, a day at Animal Kingdom, 2 at Magic Kingdom, 1 at Epcot and lots of swimming. then Friday we headed home- which leads me to my next M Migraine- my first and I'm praying my only one- not fun like our other M- Mobile.
we have a mobile baby girl now. She hasn't learned to crawl but she doesn't stay in the same spot. She's rolling lots now- over and over to get to another spot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

First Days of School

Here's some pics from T's birthday and the boys' first week of school.

Grandma, Pops Leon, and the kids
C showing how family devotion night is fun!
K building superman and batman with his table blocks
KG's first spoon fed meal that she liked- cereal (I think it was the milk). I don't know why not- but she didn't like bananas.
K super excited to open his schultuete- a traditional German school cone. Once we got back from the beach, we had our first day of school where we weighed and measured all the kids, took pictures, started being more intentional with our Bible reading, nature time (we're starting a nature blog , and other good learning stuff. K finished one of his thinking puzzles and asked if it was a Monday puzzle because it was easier (like Nana's sodoku puzzles)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First week of school

AKA week at the beach!
There were no tears shed by me or K, but there was a lot of swimming, playing in the sand, eating ice cream, visiting lions, picking up shells, ... We were looking forward to a long weekend at the beach but thought we'd go home Tuesday because James had to go back to work Wednesday. When we got to the condo, it was so nice and pretty that I called my mom to see if she wanted to come up. and we're so glad she came up. We had a great time. The boys loved the beach and the pool. K was a terrific sand castle builder, C did a great job bringing in supplies for the building (water- except for when he hurt his knee and we went to the ER), T was very good and fast at demolition and KG is just so sweet!

Boys watching the sting rays at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach (great military discount there 75% off!)

getting ready for a yummy Johnny Rockets burger!
the boys loved going out in the ocean with Daddy. T say "C'mon Daddy. Let's go"
Nana, C, and KG in our condo
the boys enjoying mud baths- I think we got the last of the beach sand out today!
T tuckered out in the shuttle
KG relaxing in her floatie. The boys loved the pool. K and C went all over the place. they're doing great swimming and T doesn't know he doesn't know how to swim yet. He is a little fish- he loves to put his face in and go under blowing bubbles.
a great week at the beach. we didn't do much school but I think what we did was much better (and more fun!) We did draw some As and Bs and read some books.