Saturday, October 16, 2010


We went on our first family camping trip last weekend. Pilot Mountain State Park was absolutely beautiful. We had such a good weekend- perfect weather, yummy peanut butter S'Mores & chilli & cornbread (my smart husband suggested that for the first night- made them at home & just heated there. I made a big pot & put some in the freezer for a day like today!) We did have a rough night sleeping the first night- well T, KG, and I did. The next morning we had blueberry pancakes and then headed up the mountain. Hiking was great- the boys did really well hiking. even little T hiked all the way up the mountain. At the top we had a picnic lunch- yummy quesadillas & trail mix. Then we headed back down & drove to the river for fishing. That night we made pigs in a blanket over the fire and camping donuts. Another night for campfire songs and we added stories on a log- the boys each took turns telling stories. After all the excitement (and we pumped up the air mattress), we all slept well. We ended our trip with "junk food cereal" and more donuts and headed home. We got to see Grandma on the way home to tell some of our camping fun. I'm excited to go on lots more camping trips!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More pics

kids at the Denzel carousel in MS
out on a walk, little brother got tired so big brother went to help. priceless moment.
T got in a little trouble at the history festival
baby girl is sure she's not a baby anymore- who needs a stroller?
Faithful Feet at Rock N Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach!

Good weekend

We had a super weekend. firsts time for lots of things- K & C's first overnight trip with Daddy- they went to Camp Rockfish for Dads, Lads, & Gals weekend. They had a blast building boats, doing archery, going on a night hike & hay ride, ... James took a few pics but mostly was busy hanging out with the two big boys.

C giving K a congrats hug when K got a prize for the boat race.

More firsts- T got to be "the biggest brother" for the first time. He was so excited. He was a super helper & doing a great job all the time. Every once in a while he would act 3 and I would ask if forgot that he was the biggest boy- he'd go right back to acting super. He even got a playdate with a good friend of the boys. KG enjoyed having everything a little calmer & quieter for a little bit too.

Our first Heritage Festival at Cape Fear Botanical Garden- the boys did lots of chores (made butter, dug up vegetables, took corn kernels off the cob, ....) and played games like marbles, hopscotch, checkers. KG even joined in on the egg race. If I can figure out how to get pics off my phone I'll post some :)

And our first family race. Stop Child Trafficking Now 5K. I ran by myself and James pushed the running stroller with KG & T while K & C rode their bikes. KG thought it was a great time for a nap. We were all very happy with our race. And a great cause too. It was wonderful to see so many people (and lots of friends) joining together in prayer and running to save children.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Soccer, Wildlife Expo

we're really enjoying this fall- we've enjoyed visits from family to watch the boys play soccer. Here's the Yellow Dragons getting ready for a game.

I had a couple assistants for my bench coach job.

last weekend we had a great time at the John Pechmann Fishing Center Wildlife Expo & the Fayetteville international Festival.

K was so excited to catch his first fish- he did it all by himself. James was helping one of the other boys and looked over to see K pulling the fish in. K learned some fishing tips from the magazines he got at the fish hatchery in Georgia- he said he learned to "play the fish." James did help put the catfish back in the pond for next time!
C shooting his first BB gun- they even brought their targets home.
K & C did the casting contest. K got one in the farthest ring by himself- one more and he would have won. We did win a fishing pole in the drawing- C was soooo excited- wish I had a video of his running all the way to the stage screaming!
T had a good time too- here he's wearing 2 pencils- like Pops Leon.
K & C also got to do some archery. It was pretty tough but they enjoyed it.

Papa helping T catching his first fish- C's a little excited for his brother!

KG hung in as long as she could in the stroller but was super happy to have some shade & Nana's lap for a nap.

After the wildlife expo, we headed over to the International Festival. we watched the Native American dancing for a long time.
C & T and I did some round dancing- made Nana remember when I was 3 and was picked by the Chief to lead the dance at a festival in Mississippi when we were visiting Grandmollie.
After watching the dancing, we headed to find some yummy food. The boys were real excited to try food from so many different countries. The only disappointment of the day was missing the Panamanian dancers. but at least we got a picture!

We went home super tired but had a great day.