Thursday, September 4, 2014

10 Today!

How time flies! How did my firstborn get to be 10 already. We had a wonderful celebration today of 10  terrific years. Our day per the birthday boy's request:
-pre-breakfast races and tennis- gotta get going before it gets hot!
-cake icing- made the hamburger before the baby girl woke up- gotta get the cake out of sight before the baby's around!
-yummy oatmeal and frozen fruit for breakfast
-Bible reading and verses and a keys for kids that talked about how important it is to hear God's Word daily
-bowling- used our Kids Bowl Free coupons for 2 games of bowling- we had a great time!
-Aldi's- gotta get some snacks before you swim!
-rest time- gotta get mom and baby some rest!
-swimming- short but fun swim with Hillegonda- terrific friend swims with us even while her grandson is away- gotta get out of the water when it thunders
-grilled burgers- gotta learn to use the grill while James is away- I don't think I can get away with not cooking meat this time
-cake, ice cream, and presents- fun and yum!
-movie time

Super day for our super boy!