Saturday, May 3, 2014

OBX 2014

We had a super trip. Of course it helped that we started off the week finding out that we are going to Fort Bragg. We would rather be going to Korea with James but since we couldn't Bragg is best. And we're moving back into our old house. Yes, I know it's been almost over a month since we found that out but I'm just writing about our trip and that really did help us have a good week. We thought we might cut the trip shorter to do some house hunting or at least spend a lot of time internet house hunting. Instead we could just enjoy the time!

We drove down to Grandma's Friday morning and were glad to be able to visit. And James was especially glad to get to go see his Uncle Darnell who was not doing well. K and C were also able to shoot their guns. We had a short but good visit and left Saturday morning. We had rough traffic but super weather and went to the beach soon after getting to Duck. The kids had a blast.

Sunday morning we went to Jockey's Ridge- love the colorful hoodies from Uncle Steven. We got some great pics on the big camera but I've been putting off the blog for a while so here's my phone pics.
 After braving the wind at Jockey's Ridge, we went to OBX Brewing Company for brunch. It was super. The kids weren't excited about going because they thought a brewery would only have beer and they were hungry but they were pretty excited once they saw the menu.
 T loved the crab soup
 KG liked her shrimp and grits- although she wasn't crazy about the red eye gravy
 Can you tell C is excited about his Carolina BBQ?
 K got BBQ too- loved it!
 Monday morning we went north to the Wildlife Center. It was cold but we had a good time. We took pictures by our tree- we've taken pictures there most years since Janelle's oldest was a new baby. We watched the movie until time for the kids' nature class to start.
 We enjoyed a walk around the area learning about nature- the fulgurite was really neat.
 Tuesday was a rainy day which we thought was great for celebrating KG's birthday. We stayed on the condo property- baked cake, played games, went swimming, watched Frozen. I can't believe she's 5!
 Wednesday we went to Roanoke Island Festival Park. So cool that we got to go on so many field trips that fit with this year's history. I love the movie at Roanoke Island and all the hands on history. We got to see them fire the guns off the ship this year too.

We went to O'Neals for lunch. I think we just started that tradition last year but another good one. O'Neals is so good. We have eaten lunch there and taken home fresh seafood some years. This year we decided to just eat there. It's all fried but really good. Yum!

Beautiful sunrise at the beach. I went a few days by myself, once with the kids. Sunrise at the beach looks like God to me- beautiful, amazing, breath-taking, powerful, peaceful, all at once. Love it!
 so pretty!
 Thursday morning we added a new tradition to the OBX- Duck Donuts. Yum! Maple Bacon- Wow! Definitely going to have to do that again! (well we did stop by there again Friday as we left town but I mean again more years.)
 We did a lot of swimming while we were there. The kids did awesome. The boys swam after their diving ducks for a LONG time and KG told me she was going to swim to me and did. She'd never done that before but did great! And baby C loved being in the water. She floated all around in the floatie.

 I need the big camera pics to show the Wright Brothers- we had a good visit. The ranger talk was good. K stumped the ranger with a question about how many models the Wrights made. We had a great time on the playground and got more pics. I don't have pics of our tennis playing. That's the only thing I would have done different about the trip- I wish we'd taken tennis racquets. We checked some out for the rec center but we could have played more if we had our own.

We went home Friday so the boys could be in the pinewood derby for Royal Rangers. The boys all made cars- T- orange car, K- skateboard, and C- eggs.

While the boys went to the Pinewood Derby, the girls went to the chocolate factory tour. Yum!
 and then had a tea party
 We had a super trip! Love the OBX!