Sunday, June 28, 2015


My computer gave me a hard time downloading pictures for a little while so I got a little behind on my blogging. But now I'm up and running and trying to catch up before James gets home!! We are so excited. 358 days down, 4 to go!

Handsome hubby all dressed up- love that we can share pics on the cloud!

two month old V

Big brother taking selfies with baby bro

Happy Memorial Day! 

First day at the pool- Seabrook all to ourselves and our friends!

Order in the court! Boys are testing- girls out for some fun! 
 While the big boys took their end of year tests at Manna (which they enjoyed), the girls and I went out on the town. (Well some appointments too but plenty of fun!) We had a great time at Fascinate-U and we also checked out Fresh Market- I loved the $1 coffee and the girls loved picking out a yummy treat.

Handsome boy hung out with the girls all week

Part of our picnic fun- C loves the big girl helpers

C and I got some special time together this week while big kids went to VBS. Here's a pic at our local farm- West Produce

T enjoyed meeting Sweet Frog outside VBS

Another one of our field trips was to Petsmart- C loved the kitties and all the animals- who needs the zoo when you're two?

And she loved hugging the cow! Her first day liking big animals!

And a fun trip to the play area at the mall- that wasn't there my others were little- it's really cute!

V's first day on the trail! and my first day since V arrived- great walk! so glad to be back in the swing of things!

not sure what this is- but how cool! looks like God painted flowers on the leaves!

more beauty on our walk!

Love that the kids get so excited about nature

Even if it wore T out!

C got a piggy back when she got tired

C with another big girl helper and dear friend. Church picnic is a highlight of our week

We've sure missed James this year and glad we're down to less than a week until his return! We are also thankful for the wonderful friends and family who've made this year better. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Beach fun

We had a great week at the beach. so glad my Dad thought of it! we drove down to Madison Friday June 5th-  V woke up early so we could get there in time for a haircut! Saturday morning my Mom, the kids, and I went to pick peaches and blueberries!

Then Dad took C and T to Daytona Beach. K, V, and I went to my high school 23 year reunion while Nana and the girls hung out together!

Saturday night we went to Tonia's house for hamburgers- so good to see them.  I love that our gang is usually all together but it was also fun to split up and do different stuff for a day!

K said the blueberry picking spot looked like the Garden of Eden

 Then Sunday morning, we drove to Daytona beach. After lunch and a quick naptime, we hit the beach. So pretty out! We spent Monday at the beach and pool. We love staying on the beach with a kitchen so we can eat and relax in the room, go to the beach and pool, and not have to get in the car!

Nana got these cute red, white, and blue swimsuits for all the kids. so cute!

First time golfing!

Where V spent lots of his days!

Loving our mini-beach!

V's other napping spot!

sweet girl was worn out! she didn't wake up at all as I wiped her off, changed her clothes, put her to bed. Just saw her the next morning!

 Tuesday was a car day but a good one! We went to a blue star museum Daytona Beach museum and art and science. It was great. The museum was nice- neat art, a Coca-Cola exhibit, and children's museum.

The kids' favorite part was the bears and bear house. 
Then we met James' Aunt Pat and Uncle Al at Famous Steve's Diner for lunch. We had lots of good food and then headed back to the museum with my parents, Aunt Pat, and Uncle Al. The kids (mostly C) were tour guides and then we went to the planetarium show- A Little Star- which was great at the end of our year of astronomy.

 Wednesday we spent the morning and early afternoon at the beach and pool and then a  big storm came in. We watched the lifeguards close the beach and pool and then a big downpour. We were glad we had food and movies there in the room.
V napping by our mini-ocean. 

Papa and C having fun making sand castles

We played lots of games and watched several movies this week- Pippi Longstocking, Balto, and Pippi Longstocking and the South Seas off netflix and Paddington Bear and Night at the Museum from Redbox.

On Friday, some friends met us for a fun day at the beach. We'd been eating pretty healthy all week but Friday we had hotdogs, baked beans, chips, cookies

His grin sums up our week- fun! fun! fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthday blessings

What a wonderful birthday! I wish that James was here to celebrate with us but I've had a really wonderful day. Perfect? no but wonderful and that is great!

I had a pretty good night's sleep last night- always something to celebrate! and then this morning the kids made breakfast- french toast, bacon, eggs, and chocolate milk! I got to talk to James on the phone and read his kind Facebook post and lots of birthday wishes!

then we had a wonderful walk around the neighborhood.

Hillegonda came over. We enjoyed a cup of cappucino while the kids played nicely and she gave me a nice birthday present: bath salts, cappucino, and strawberry pie!

Grandma, Pops Leon, and Uncle Brian sent me beautiful flowers.

I opened wonderful birthday presents from Janelle and the kids.

A nice nap followed by strawberry pie!

dinner's in the crockpot.

A wonderful way to celebrate and in 30 days James will be home!

Update: since I wrote this, I also got wonderful presents from my parents, another birthday cake, and only 15 days until James is home!