Thursday, August 4, 2016

Disney 2016

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World. We had so much fun.  We'd been once before with the kids. Here's a link to the post from that trip.  The kids were all so little then (KG was 6 months, T 2, C, 3 1/2, K 5) so this was a different trip but both were great! Before we went we did look up Janelle's blog to read about their trip since her kids were around our oldest kids' ages when they went. Here's link  to her trip. We did borrow her T-shirt idea and James made these great T-shirts with ACU fabric!

We had a great trip! We usually leave at the crack of dawn but this time K had an indoor soccer game so we left after the game. And we're so glad we did. What a great game! We got there a little later, but we still had Sunday to get settled in and get ready for a week of parks! We played some mini-golf, did some grocery shopping, went to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and then hit the pool! Such nice pools- a ton of fun!

Monday we started off at Epcot which I learned is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow- who knew? First we went to Mission to Mars where we got our first rider swap- so nice that we could wait once and all the adults ride once and the big kids ride twice! And c and V had fun playing on the completely empty play area inside. We had such a good time. We ate lunch in Japan and Morocco. The food was good both places but it was a little tough to share soup without extra bowls :) Everyone loved the Moroccan food. It was really neat to walk around the world in a few hours. You really felt like you were in that country!

Nana, Papa, and kids in Mexico!
Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom which was crowded but fun. Our longest line of the trip was Dwarfs Mine Train- it was a fun ride. I didn't realize V was too little so I stood in line the whole time but we made it! Disney always puts some fun things in the waiting areas too to make the wait seem shorter. We did some splitting up and going different ways so that the roller coaster people could ride coasters, the short people could rest, ... We did use the rider swaps a good bit so the people who liked "Space Mountain" (and some other rides) got to do it several times! C had been saying we didn't need to go on Jungle Cruise but we went and he really liked it- so many funny jokes!! We waited out the storm in the tiki show. Then we enjoyed some sunshine for a while. I still liked "A Small World"
Papa got to be "that guy" at the laugh factory. V and I missed most of it but I heard it was really funny!

Love the Disney topiaries

We were excited to go to Casey's at the end of baseball season

We did get drenched on the way out- but a fun day!

James and I went back that night to nighttime Disney- it was packed! I was glad we didn't take kids at night because it was so crowded (and so late) but James and I had a good night!
(So did the kids since they were in the room sleeping :)

The kids were shocked that we ate dinner at 10 pm one night!
Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom. The safari was really neat- we got to see a ton of animals. V loved dancing in the streets! Lion King was wonderful! Turtle Talk was fun! We all enjoyed the Dole Whip! Everyone loved the river rapids! Very fun!

The Dole Whip was a big hit with all!
Thursday we went to Hollywood Studios. The kids did the Jedi training- that was neat! The crowds at Hollywood Studios are different because they go up and down as the shows get out! The RockNRoller Coaster was a lot of fun (to most of us :) Some of our crowd went to Tower of Terror while the rest of us went to Beauty and the Beast show- which was really good! We also really enjoyed the Frozen Sing along show and everyone loved Toy Story Mania! Even V got to play!The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular was neat too- and it was out of the rain!! We did go see the Fantasmic show at night- we were worn out but had a super trip!!

We spent Friday at the pool!  A great end to a great trip!