Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

well, baby isn't so baby anymore. He's two. (not three like he likes to say.) We had a good two year old birthday party today with Grandma and Pops Leon- hotdogs, baked beans, and a fish cupcake cake. Our little one is getting so big. He's learned to count to 10, say some ABCs (in no particular order), sing "Happy Birthday to you" (he'd been singing Happy to you), tattle on his brothers (that's not my favorite thing he's learned), play with his brothers. He talks tons now to family- not much to others. He went on a playdate the other day- I took the other 3 to the dr and T got to play with another 2 year old boy. The pics were super cute.
Happy Birthday Little T!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Climbing Fun

all in a few seconds!

We had a super fun few days. Thanks to the rain and a suggestion from a Fun Fridays friend, the boys got to go to Monkey Joes Friday for the first time. They had a blast- I hardly saw K & C- they were bouncing all the time. If they just had sound proof walls, then we might be there a lot:) Then Saturday we went with friends to the Climbing Place and all had a great time. I'm ready to go back! A new great idea for a future night out with James and a ladies' night out sometime! plus going back with the kids. lots of fun!

T's ready to go to work! I think our safety goggles have lost a little safety
Here's KG's new bed- from friends this bed fits inside our closet.
T's "new" swimsuit (big brother's from last year)
KG trying out some sweet potatoes- I don't think any went in her tummy
James and the boys working on the kid garden. The boys are super excited about the outside part of their school. we're planning on spending lots of time outdoors learning from God's creation. Today we watched butterflies drinking nectar from our butterfly bush for a long time and then when we were pulling weeds found these eggs hidden inside foam. I thought how cool we've found butterfly eggs- now that I've googled "spit on plants" I've learned we actually saw "spittle bugs" I see I'm learning lots too!
I didn't get pics of my bread making helpers. today I asked "who will help me turn this grain into flour" and I got 3 little helpers. I'm not sure if it was to be able to eat the yummy bread or bc grinding grain is so fun but helpers anyway. then they were excited to make their own fish tacos complete with homemade peach salsa- yummy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

a growing girl and the letter of the day

KG is growing up so fast- the day after Nana & Papa left she learned to roll over (and then did it over and over and over ...) then the next day she found her feet. Just in time for our letter of the day F. (no I'm not organized enough to have a preschool plan every day but I saw a couple blogs this week that at first I thought what great ideas, then I felt bad that I wasn't doing all the cool things they were doing, then I thought I probably could do some of those things if I wasn't reading blogs so I turned off the computer, left it off, (like I mean to do every day), and we had a fun day with the letter F. here's Chase with our Fun Friday Friends
our Firemen with the cool new to us Firetruck we Found while we were out on a walk yesterday- we were quite the sight going down the road- me pushing T &KG in the double stroller pushing the Firetruck with two bikes in it bc big boys wanted to help push.
someone playing with KG's Fun Feet
KG rolled over onto her Front
here's our F crafts- we made Fish, Flower wreaths, and colored and wrote F. We had Freezer Fruit smoothies for a snack and Frig Fruit Sandwiches for lunch. Fun For all!

Last week

we had a terrific visit with Nana and Papa last week. the days went by so fast- it seemed like they'd just gotten here when all of a sudden there we were in the parking lot of Jason's Deli with C in tears bc they were headed home. (K waited a few minutes before joining in.) It was great to visit, to go to the doctor with only one child, to have help with meals, , and just general life. besides just hanging out we also squeezed 10 lbs of blueberry picking, acquiring (not stealing) and peeling 20 lbs of pears, finishing swim lessons, and lots more fun
T hard at work on their construction project in the backyard. (A lot messy but very cute- 5 little boys hard at work on their hole in the ground- so excited when they found water to make mud!)
Papa helping T go to sleep- no that's not C beside him too but James' pillowcase from Iraq with pictures on it
Papa and K blowing out their cake. K was excited to celebrate his birthday one more time so Nana and Papa could be there.
my beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband