Saturday, July 23, 2016

Camping Lessons Learned

Oh I had so many lessons learned that are already fading from my memory as we go from tents back to house. But it was a great trip. I guess the ones I remember are the important ones (or the ones I forget are the ones we need to learn over again :)

What worked well:
-Hobo pie makers were really fun!
-keeping cold weather stuff packed on top of the car so we had it in case we needed it but not in the way.
-quick oats were great for breakfast. I didn't package individual- we just put a lot in a old cashew container (those worked great for lots of packing.)
-freezing water bottles worked great for cold water and keeping cooler cold.
-2 tents for sleeping.
-Having a good plan for the trip- we could have changed parts of it but it was much easier to do most research before we left so we were just deciding what to do at each place instead of where to go/ what to stay.
-Having the kids be big part of set up / tear down. It makes them part of the team, gives them something good to do, and once they learn it really helps all go better!
-$1 solar lights worked well for lights around campground/ to use to go to bathroom.
-Audio books are great!

What we need to improve on:
-Less is better (next big trip we really need to think through what we actually need and only take that- less butter, less toys, less stuff in the camping box
-Walmart bags worked better than trash bags- you can't leave out a big bag anyway- walmart bag is big enough for most meals and we could take that to the dump. next time just pack a couple trash bags.
-water shoes would have been very good to have.
-we had a pretty good packing list but ended up taking lots of extra things/ just in case. It really adds up fast with 8 people. Next time pack everything the day before so no last minute add ins (it would help to not have such a busy day before leaving!)
-Pack the National Parks Passport!! we got stamps and we can add to the book but Pack the Passport!
-we probably could have stayed with people on another couple nights if we'd planned early. Don't be scared to ask.

Meal ideas
Breakfast- burrito, eggs and bacon, pancakes, bagels, oatmeal

Lunch- wraps, sandwiches, taco salad

Dinner- walking taco, hotdog, brats, white clam pasta, foil packets, hobo pie, kababs

Snacks- fruit, granola, chips, nuts, trail mix

Desserts- hobo pies, s'mores

I'm sure I'll think of more but what a great trip!! can't wait to go again!