Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach Fun!

We were blessed with another super trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with my parents. We went mid-September last year too and had a great time both years. The weather was terrific, no crowds, James got to go on weekends, the condo was beautiful, ... Terrific trip!

 The kids and I stopped in DC on the way down. We ran around the mall, saw some of the monuments, and spent a little while in the Smithsonian Castle. I'm looking forward to more trips to DC.

 One of our fun memories from last year was the House of Blues Gospel Brunch- we went to "chuuch"there last year and went back this year. It was super yummy and we really enjoyed the music. We were all a little amazed at how much the kids ate- this is Chase with one of his big platefuls!
 The beach was beautiful. We had a wonderful routine of eat, beach, pool, eat, nap, beach, pool... The kids loved the beach, the sand, the lazy river, the pool, the crazy shuttle drivers, games, movies, ... So much fun!
 We did venture out one more time- for Krispy Kreme "talk like a pirate day". The kids weren't quite as lout with their "arghs" in the store but we all enjoyed our donuts. It was also neat to watch the hotline.
 We found a fun park to run off the sugary treats!
 We made a sundial on the beach so we'd know when to go eat :) It worked pretty well as long as you remembered day light savings time.
 The kids built lots of sand castles, aquariums, ... Played bocce ball with Nana and Pap and swam lots.
 We had terrific weather all week except one crazy windy day but we still braved the waves for a little. That day we enjoyed the indoor pool and saw the wind blowing the pool furniture all the way off the deck! No pictures of our game playing but we played lots of Piratopoly, rummikub, battleship and watched several good movies. James and I even went out to see the new Bourne movie. Most afternoons we went to the Cottages- the kids loved the shuttle ride. We all loved the pool to ourselves. We even celebrated T's birthday there. And we celebrated Nana's birthday Friday night before leaving.
 We ended our week with another fun tradition- a pancake house after checking out. Yum!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park Quest 16

So we headed out this morning for probably our last Park Quest of the year (besides the Rendezvous). We had a beautiful day at Elk Neck State Park. It brought back lots of memories as we drove past Sandy Cove (the super family camp that we went to the summer we KG was born.) And as we drove into Elk Neck State Park and remembered our super camping trip from last year. We saw deer playing in the playground. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beautiful Day in Baltimore

Well, the weather wasn't exactly beautiful but we had a super day anyway. I wish I'd taken more pictures. We didn't start out planning on a B day But after Breakfast with eggs and Bacon, the kids and I Baked Bread and bundles of muffins (well- 3 recipes doubled). James and the kids dehydrated apples and played Board games (monopoly.) After naps, the Boys helped James Build this Bench. Then we went Biking Before lightning Boomed. we had Beans (in our flank steak salad) and ended the day with Birthday Cake. So Blessed! 

Boys sitting on new Bench
girl Biking- she's gotten much Better