Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We began our Christmas celebration early this year. My parents came up for baby C's birth and Thanksgiving so we celebrated Christmas with them then too. The day after Thanksgiving we went to baby's 2 week appointment and got a Christmas tree. That afternoon we decorated the tree. Cute kids thought to put on Christmas PJs for tree decorating and family movie night- our first Christmas movie this year. 
Here's our early morning wakers
We've enjoyed this basket and love baby C's baby quilt- so pretty! We took pics of both our baby girls in this basket. Becky made KG and C's pretty quilts.
Baby C loves to be held. 

K, C, and T made cranberry- popcorn strands- much easier with a needle!
Here's a close-up of Baby C and her pretty quilt.

Nana and Papa gave me this nice sweater.
Papa got lots of help- T was especially attached to Papa and very sad to see him leave Tuesday.
Two napping babies!
Nana took care of Kate Lynn so KG could open presents- see our wreath- James made it from Christmas tree trimmings and decorated it with the kids' cranberry popcorn strands.

We had a super Christmas celebration with Nana and Papa! so fun to start the Christmas celebration early!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a super Thanksgiving. Mom, Dad, and James did most of the cooking Wednesday which left us time Thursday for a baby C photo shoot. Here's a pic of Nana, cow C, and pilgrim K.
For the last 9 years, James deep-fried a turkey but this year we bought the Big Easy and James "fried" a turkey in it. Turned out super. On Wednesday he smoked a turkey which also turned out great. 
Here's our yummy food- collard greens, 30 lbs of turkey, sweet potato casserole, dressing, mashed potatoes. I didn't get pictures of dessert but yummy too- pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin cake pudding. Everyone helped make the food- my contribution was the gravy.
We're enjoying our Thanksgiving table cloth and very thankful for all our blessings!
Baby C woke up for the very end of Thanksgiving dinner.
Kids love to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.
Pilgrims vs Indians baseball
Baby C spent most of the day napping- it's tiring being a baby. She's gained 7 oz in the last week and grown an inch since she was born. She's also learned to do baby push-ups on your chest, hold her head steady, and be cuddled by lots of people!
Our Thankful Forest 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome Baby C

We are so excited to have our new baby girl at home. We were blessed with a healthy baby girl, a delivery that went really well, my Mom taking great care of the kids, my Dad arriving safely, super nurses and doctors, even good weather. So thankful!

James spent the three nights with me in the hospital and my Mom came to the hospital twice but the kids couldn't go to the hospital.  It's flu season and only people 12 and up could go to the hospital. We were able to skype some from the hospital so they'd seen her on the computer. They were happy to see me after my longest time ever away, but they were super excited to meet their baby sister.  Everyone wants to hold her and they think she's so cute!
James made great shirts for us- LewCrew7.
KG's turn to cuddle.

Baby girl riding home from hospital.
All the kids in their LewCrew 7 shirts.
So sweet!
Happy Birth day Baby C!

Celebrating with Nana and Papa!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Besides all the big stuff, we have been blessed in so many little ways, like my last post on the power outage. Wed night we decided not to go trick or treat since it was cold and we had no heat. We loved our Wizard of Oz costumes from Nana and Papa and got lots of compliments. Trinity changed its fall festival to Friday night and we went to that instead. What a nice night- free hotdogs, nachos, and funnel cake. Then tons of fun games- bingo, ring toss, fishing, and lots more. We had already enjoyed a nice night at Grace Fellowship for their first Trunk or Treat night.

Then today as we were planning a stay home day, our neighbor asked for a ride. Since we were out we stopped at the library. Good timing! College students were getting ready to give a class on nutrition and exercise to kids. Our kids were the class- well two other girls were there for part of the time. The kids got a ticket each time they answered a question and won a ton of prizes- a hula hoop, a basketball, box of granola bars, bag of craisins, and box of yummy nuts. Pretty nice for just popping in! And the neighbor gave us chocolate chip cookies as a thank you for using our generator. Nice!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome Number 5!

This is a guest post from James.  I am not as good at these things as Kristen, but I gotta let the world know that our new baby has arrived!  She and Mommy are doing great and Mommy is recovering nicely.  It is nice to see God's hand at work as all of the medical staff seem to be thoroughly surprised at how good everything came out -- let alone for for C-section number 5.  But we know that everything is possible when you trust in God.  Anyway, here are some pics!

Kristen waiting for the prep

Check out those socks!

James and Kristen ready for Baby C's arrival!
James waiting to go in.  The nurses agree that waiting is the hard part!

Well, all good things are worth the wait.  Here she is!  Introducing Baby C!

Fresh out of the Womb!
Who turned on the lights! 
Hey, Y'all!  7 lbs 5 ozs!  19 in long

A little nap, please.
Such a cutie!

I'm awake!!

I love this picture!  Mommy and baby together at last!
The picture of Love!
I had to add the goofy Dad!