Friday, May 29, 2015

the good in sick days

so we've spent the last couple weeks mostly sick which was not fun. I felt like we were one of those prairie families who got a bad sickness and there was only one person well enough to take care of the others. I was that person as I kept track of medicine to keep down the high fevers, popsicles and pedialyte for hydration, lots of adventures in odyssey and some good movies for spirits. It wasn't fun- the kids really felt bad- so bad they didn't even eat Grandma's yummy meatballs on Mothers' Day. We were so glad to see her and Uncle Brian even if lots of the kids spent most of their time lying down on the couch. We'd had a week or so of only seeing each other and doctors and were definitely ready for friendly visitors! We did have a couple breaks in the sickness and not everyone was sick at the same time- Girl C first, then KG, then the boys. Then everyone was well long enough to go to church (after missing 2 Sundays) before V got sick. Thankfully his wasn't as bad- although his eye looked worse- and didn't last as long.

There were some good things over the two weeks. We saw several good movies- God's Not Dead, Letters to God, and Mercy Rule. We got lots of practice time for potty training. We had wonderful friends who took care of big kids so I could take CE to urgent care. So thankful for good friends.

the Cs taking a break in their dancing

the sun and planets- thanks Astronomy lesson

our solar system

C likes his new shirt

Happy Birthday James!

Just cute!

the stylish folks headed to church. V and I stayed on the couch 

C thinking about becoming a monk


Happy mother's Day Grandma!

time w Uncle B

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

The kids loved writing a newspaper article about Jupiter

Making the temple- ours wasn't quite as big

But it did help us learn how much detail there was in God's temple

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Our sweet baby boy arrived Friday 20 MAR 2015 at 0846. He was 8 lb 4 oz, 20 inches.

V's first pic

We got to labor and delivery at 615 Friday morning and had wonderful nurses who got me ready for surgery. We had lots of time for talking with the nurse (like that her husband is a Rigger) since the morning meeting ran a little later. She told me that they would strap my arms down for the surgery which did not make me happy. But when she found out that she was wrong about that, we had a good laugh. An anesthesiologist student came in to talk to me about surgery and James laughed at me being unhappy that he looked about 15.  Thankfully, a "more seasoned" anesthesiologist came in and I felt better.  The doctor scheduled for my C-section finally came in with the attending ob and talked to me about delayed cord clamping (which was on my birth plan wish list). Instead of insisting, I said that I really just wanted to get to the delivery and see and hold my baby afterwards. We finally did! The OR was really cold. I was shivering a lot. James waited outside the delivery room while I got my spinal.  This time James didn't have to wait long to come in because unlike BG's delivery where anesthesia took a long time, this was super quick from inserting spinal until V's cry announcing his arrival. That baby cry was beautiful!

James was happy to have a "cool" hat this time!(A little nicer than mine:) Here's his selfie
Once our baby boy was out, James walked over to be with him in the warmer for his exam. He said V was blue at first but quickly was okay. I was glad the warmer was straight across from me. Even though I couldn't see V for most of the exam, I could see where he was and got to see James cut the cord and hold V up for picture with scale.
Oh isn't he sweet! Loved hearing that cry! I had grand plans of music in the OR, having the drape lowered to see doctors lift our baby out, brand new baby pics and holding our sweet baby right away. I didn't get any of those things but I did get the sweetest cheek cuddle in the OR. Instead nurses rushing V out, James held him by cheek for a while which was such a precious memory. Now if one of the kids is sad, I tell them that V cheek cuddles can cheer them up- worked so far!

That giggle on James' face is because the nurse missed the pic when James cut the cord so this is take 2!

My cheek cuddles! 

James got to do "kangaroo care" skin to skin in recovery room while I got sewn up and nurses were making sure all was okay with me. 

Finally got to hold my sweet baby boy! 
As soon as I held V, he was ready to nurse. He started rooting around and then nursed like a champ- latched right on like he'd been doing it all his life! This was another time to know that God is good and blesses us even if things do not go as I had planned.
What a precious gift! Love our sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So excited

Yes, our sweet baby boy is almost  two months old before I'm posting this- we've had busy days of nursing, snuggling, books, diapers, life, ... but here's some new baby pics

Sweet girl excited for first time holding baby brother

C (needs a nickname besides big girl) and isn't sure about baby brother- now she's crazy about him

Papa's turn

The Cs with Nana

Didn't Daddy do good on the shirts!

Toast to the newest member of the LewCrew

Ride home- our biggest baby looks pretty little in his carseat

March is a great time to have a baby- so good to get outside!

V loves swaddling and his naps! 

I loved seeing James and boys working in the garden!


These pics are out of order but sometimes that's how it goes :) 
lots of the pictures are nothing big- but isn't it the little things that make life? 

We are so blessed! Blessed that James could be home for V's birth and most of his first month. Blessed that my parents could watch kids while we were in the hospital. Blessed to have healthy baby and mommy. Blessed that James' Mom could watch kids for V's appointment and bring us yummy dinner. Blessed to have friends bring over meals. Then blessed again that Nana could come be with us and help us for a week after James' birth. 

Some more blessings
one package of markers provides excitement and fun for five kids for a long time!

Baby C loves her "nails and holys"

Our garden is getting plenty of rain and growing well

Cute girl with panties, PJs, boots, and "my weapons"

One month old sweetie!

Look at the painting concentration

a science class we went to at the library

Even fun for little ones

Time with Nana!

Baby C knows what to do with hair gel- a whole jar in her hair!

One month old

Science Class at the Airborne Special Ops Museum

Kids loved seeing Special Ops Museum

Special Sister Time

Sad day but glad that it's shorter time apart this time

Helping our sadness with donuts and friends after dropping Daddy off at the airport-
at least it's much shorter this time!!