Friday, October 23, 2015

Friends, Fall, Field Trips, Feathered Friends

can you guess what week it is?

How does this pic Fit with F week?
We no longer Fill up our van- bigger van = room For Friends!
We got to use our new van For Field trips and Friends this week. We went back up to Hubbs Corn Maze and had a great time.

KG had a hurt knee last year and couldn't do all the fun things so she was extra excited this year!

T took 100+ pics of this cutie!

Then they needed to rest in the corn bath!

Kids's new favorite fun at Hubbs- human Foosball

I only got two by the growth chart this time- since Foosball was so fun!

Our grand Finale pic from our Field trip before we gave our Friends a ride

Our Feathered Friends are so Fun

Friends finding time together

Fun Fellowship night at Festival Park

Finished our F week with Fun Flavors at Feathered Friends (AKA Pelicans) 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

E week

We were so excited to
make Edible creations

no e here but cute dust bath chickens cuddling

Escapees eating meal worms

Eating Establishment :) 

Bunnies while getting Eats for our chickens :)

the baby

Mommy and Daddy Equestrienne

Donkey, Donkey, and Donkey

C excited about making fruit salad

Chickens love Eating!

Everyone watching for meteor shower

Everyone resting on our 5.5 mile hike!

Pooh Sticks

Pooh sticks!

Hikes by water are so fun!

what was here? beaver?

a caterpillar- we saw an elderly caterpillar too but missed his picture

Enjoying the falls 

Excited that 8s got to play! 

Very excited about bouncing!

We've had an Exceptional week. even if we were exhausted after the hike :) 
I also didn't get a picture of T's egg salad. the kids are each picking a meal to make this week and T wanted his to fit with E!

D Week:

 Still haven't blogged much but a picture is worth a thousand words right!

We went on a nice field trip to Clark Park for a Native American class. The instructor was very good and the kids did great. Only v didn't listen :) Even c sat quietly the whole time in the class. This dinosaur even made it fit with D week :)

Of course are biggest D connection was Donuts! We mad pumpkin and Double chocolate. We also made Date nut muffins and Date Bars. 

And Dinner with Daddy was the biggest highlight so far. All the D baking tired me out! so we Decided to go use our Book it coupons! 

Then we went Driving in the Drizzling rain to Donuts with Daddy! (so much better than Donuts when we drop off Daddy)

And I got to go on a Daughter Date! we celebrated KG half birthday with lunch out- just us!

well and this adorable little guy!

And finished out the week with Darts for Devotion! 

Summer Fun

It's been so long since I started this post. I added the pictures but no words but it's okay to live real life instead of online. 
Love this pic of hubby leading kids in impromptu devotion after exercise!

Clark Park is fun in and out!

Littles chilling in hammock while big kids do archery with Daddy

Haircuts are more fun with a princess! 

We really like our neighborhood- fun cookout to celebrate end of summer

c wasn't sure about the clown

Daddy was a much better driving partner for the drunk driving simulator

Fun to celebrate a friend's birthday at the pool

Excited to see alligator and snapping turtle feeding time at Clark Park

Cute animal buddies

Beautiful friends from a neighbor! 

Kids were so excited about snowcones- so were Mommy and Daddy! fun times!

Even Van thought it was fun- he got some a few hours later :)

New soccer balls!

Westover Pool was lots of fun for water Wednesdays

v was worn out from a long morning at the pool

just cute!

the pool is even better with Daddy- we went several times to the pool on post and often had this super nice pool just for us!

Girls tea party!

Tea for two!

And Ladies Spa day. This was so nice. A friend had a baby shower for me at Venetian Day Spa before KG was born. We decided to have another day there. 12 ladies went and shared snacks, nice conversations, wine, and relaxing while we had spa services. Such a great day!

not many pictures but many memories!