Saturday, April 23, 2011

Living Life!

and haven't been blogging about it. We've had an exciting- mostly fun-filled few weeks in Baltimore- going on a month now. the first few days we spent unpacking- although we did sneak in a quick trip to Ikea- pretty easy since it's only about 15 minutes from here. we went to church our first Sunday here and knew we'd found our Baltimore Church home at Trinity Assembly of God. We went back Wednesday night for dinner, prayer meeting, and Royal Rangers/ Rainbows. I was also really excited to get to go to the Trinity Women's Conference: Dare to Dream. It was great- I enjoyed several hours of wonderful worship, dynamic speakers, and great conversations with neat ladies. The kids had fun with all the empty boxes- they made TVs with some, boats with some, and James helped make a giant castle in the basement.

My Mom flew up Saturday night and we switched from unpacking mode to tourists. We had a really good time. We went church Sunday and had a wonderful brunch- eggs benedict, pancakes, ... That afternoon we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was great to be able to see great art, for free, less than a mile from our house. And they have family/ kid programs each Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure who enjoyed drawing more- James or the kids. Monday we went down to the Inner Harbor. We joined the National Aquarium Baltimore and had a great time seeing everything, including the dolphin show. Tuesday we went to the Baltimore Museum of Industry and were happy to find we got there on their Wee Workers morning (cheap to get in and a program for kids). Then enjoyed a table-full of crabs. Wednesday we headed to FL- we were planning on a 2 day trip but it was going well so we kept on driving. We made it in 14 hours.

and more

we had a great time down in Florida. I now have 3 little cowboys and a little cowgirl after getting to see the rodeo. They loved watched the bull-riding and calf-roping. At the playground, C said he wouldn't "barrel ride bc that's for cowgirls." K was so excited to get to ride in the parade with Papa- a great surprise for all of us. Nana and the rest of us were watching the parade and saw Firetruck #3 with K & Papa go by. How fun! We also got to see Nana's friend's 25 chickens- the boys picked up a dozen eggs which they dyed for Easter. We also got to see & pet sweet baby goats. The one in the picture is about the same size as our little girl. Then enjoyed our first mulberries out at Becky's and watched hummingbirds. A great trip!

We left Tuesday to drive back north. We saw some of the damage to Fayetteville from the tornado but also got to see and hear some of the good stories of families and churches helping each other. It was great to get to spend some time with really good friends from NC before heading back to MD. We got home and had good weather so we decided on a last minute camping trip. We are so excited to have great camping and hiking places so close. We went to Patapsco State Park- just about 20 minutes from our house- and had a great trip. Thursday we went to the tire park, hiked to the swinging bridge & Union Dam, set up camp, had a rodeo at the playground, and enjoyed yummy dinner including hot chocolate & camping cherry pie. All fun- except the sleeping- KG and T weren't sure they were happy about sleeping in a tent. Friday we hiked to the water fall and then headed home to have a warm lunch.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello Baltimore!

We're here. and we have internet now!
I've written posts in my mind several times but didn't have internet to post plus we've been so busy unpacking boxes, driving to Fayetteville, going to the symphony that I didn't have time for posting.

Some of the titles I planned on writing
-101 uses for moving boxes including castles, slides, chairs, and more
-More or Less in Baltimore:
-More: stairs, museums, traffic, people, violins, new friends
-Less: nature, old friends
-Missing our wonderful forever friends
-Our awesome new church
-Fun stuff we're planning on doing in Baltimore

off to bed. I went to a wonderful women's conference tonight and go back in the morning, then pick my mom up from the airport!