Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days

We had a great weekend- James didn't have to work at all. We had a blast Saturday playing in the snow- snowboarding down the hill in the back yard. Even KG took a turn. Plenty of snowball fights- C learned about those on Wii- Fit. James, K, & C built a snowman. KG & T ate lots of snow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boys are growing up!

KG giving her Daddy lots of sweet kisses!
T's first shave- fun with Daddy!
C is very serious about his shave.
K was so excited about this practice shave with Daddy- all the boys talked about it for days.
T helped me make this fun lunch- we hid hotdogs in cornbread muffins. (That was before going gluten free!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Around the Word

Around The Word in 360 DaysAs a church, our vision is to Advance the Kingdom of God across the earth. One of the ways we accomplish this vision is by equipping people to change their sphere of influence. We believe the blueprint for this change is found in the Bible. Nothing can change your life like regular contact with the living Word of God. Taken in daily doses, your life cannot help but align with His plan, purpose, and direction. As you draw closer to Him and learn more about His purposes, He will be faithful to lead you into the very fullness of life He has destined for you. Join us on this journey over the next 360 days as we read through the Bible, deepening our individual walks with Him. As your pastor, I am excited to see what this year will bring to you and to us as a church as we worship Him together in our daily life.

Michael P. Fletcher

I'm really excited about the Bible reading program that we've been doing with our church this year. Well, I'm glad for the program and really excited about the great passages I've been reading. It's amazing how the Bible really is living- you can read the same verse over lots of times and it's ok, but then you read it and wow, it just speaks to you. I could write tons about what I've read over the last month but will just write about the last couple days. We've been reading in Exodus- the 10 plagues, the crossing the Red Sea, God providing for the Israelites...

God showed His power over & over (the 10 plagues). God provided for the Israelites (he caused the Egyptian people to grant them favor in giving them items.) He provided guidance for them in different ways based on their situation and ability to see (cloud by day, fire by night- interesting that at night time, dark hours, He used more powerful guidance.) After all that, the Israelites still feared when Pharoah chased them- God was still much stronger just like when He brought all the plagues on Egypt but in the panic of the moment, the Israelites feared. (Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Ps 20:7

Then God met all their needs in the desert. He poured out blessing after blessing on them and they groaned (I groan). I should trust that God who meets my needs will provide me with enough ____ (time, energy, friends, sun, clothes, ...) God provided but the Israelites still had to go gather what He provided. When they hoarded (took more than they need), it rotted. The Israelites had to do their part at the right time or it melted. Those things are all still true for us today. So many truths to find in His Word!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Days

We finally got the snow that C wanted for his birthday and we spent the last few days enjoying it. James got to go play outside with the kids a little while this morning before work. K & C both said their favorite part of the day was sledding with Daddy. This year the snow boots, hat, and gloves take up more room but at least 2 kids can mostly dress themselves. Although you can see that T never kept all his warm clothes on.
during some time warming up inside, we did some spur of the moment science- mixing water & oil. I should have gotten a pic of the boys pretending to be water & oil molecules.

Even KG enjoyed sledding. James like it until he slid into the holly bush.

T dressed up as a construction lion.
Baby girl's 10 month photo.
C tried to turn the sled into a snowboard- maybe next year! The boys did do some sledding with the kids down the street- which made me think we should probably get a couple of sleds (instead of recycling container lids.)

I don't have any pics of Decimal Street but we did enjoy that for math the last couple days. K was doing great adding up all the people living on Decimal Street.