Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We have power!

Yeah! 2 1/2 days without and I'm so glad its' back- mostly for the refrigerator and freezer. But again we were blessed it so many ways
-great weather- not too hot, not too cold
-we have a gas stove so we could cook
-James' office is super close and has several refrigerators so we took almost everything to his office
-the basement was a terrific plasma car racetrack

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trash, trinkets, or treasures

"Trash, trinkets, or treasures…how are you spending your time?" I saw this quote on email and thought I had to share. what a great question to ask as we go through the day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

catching up

I'm really behind on my blogging and want to catch up with our fun trip to Boone, Grandma & Pops Leon's visit, Kelly's visit, and capturing the other memories here ... but
before I do, here's some great things heard from the kids recently:

KG: where's Daddy?
Me: Kentucky
KG: Kentucky Fried?

after I prayed over C the little girl God has planned to be his wife, C: but Mommy I already know who is going to be my wife.

Little T tried his hardest but didn't quite make it to "No Hugs until Saturday". Today he says "every day is a day for hugs and kisses"

We've all been enjoying our Friday night movie nights- pizza & then a movie- some of our recent favorites- Benji, Charlotte's Web, and tonight we started The Black Stallion (although we probably should have fast-forwarded the whole ship sinking part- there was much weeping during that tonight. KG- where'd his daddy go?)

Tonight we had a terrific treat which the boys named "Smoothie Cream"- the boys  (& Papa) have always loved frozen bananas and I really stumbled upon a recipe for banana ice cream. Tonight after dinner I got out frozen strawberries for the kids- not quite so yummy & hard to eat so I thought I'd try strawberry/ banana "ice cream"- I pureed 1/2 frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana in the vita mix- I did add a tiny bit of coconut milk because I didn't chop the bananas or strawberries first and I was impatient.  Super yummy! Can't wait to try more flavors.

banana can be used as a base to get the creamy texture. I add frozen berries, frozen peaches frozen ANY fruit.. making sure you always have at least 1/2 the quantity of banana total. 
For a special treat I like to add chocolate chips, or make a chocolate ganache and pour it over like a sunday. YUM! and healthy :)