Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summertime Fun

So June seems to be flying by. we've been staying very busy with fun things. The big boys started swimming lessons last week and are doing great. They're also practicing for the preschool performers play at the library. The big play is next Tuesday night. We had a great outing to the Durham Life Science museum last week with good friends who we are so sad are moving away soon!
We also got to have a diaper party with friends. K was a little scared when I told him that everyone wears diapers at a diaper party so he was very relieved to find out it just means you're giving diapers to someone.
We did make time to do some swimming in the backyard on the new deck that James built. Well, he did have some helpers!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Kids

It sure is easy to let a few weeks go by without posting now that I have an adult to talk to at night! (and the fact that my hands seem to be busy changing diapers more often- I think I changed 6 before 9 this morning!) We are doing well. KG is already over 9 pounds and more and more alert. She's started grinning at a brother and quickly has two more beside her wanting to get a grin. We went to see Grandma and Uncle Brian recently. We surprisingly all fit in the truck- we've filled up all the seats a good many times lately- I guess we fill 6 with just us! We went to see Great Grandma and Aunt Velma too. Great Grandma held KG for a long time and wasn't sure she wanted to give her back (although I think KG would have let her know soon she was ready to go- especially since she doesn't seem to want a bottle!) 

James put together a gazebo which the boys helped move over the table so we can eat outside lots this summer! We're finding more times where the boys "help" is actually helping get things done not just helping them stay busy! We've already gotten a lot of us out of the gazebo- we've had dinners there most nights and had a couple Fun Fridays cookouts with lots of kids there. the house sure gets nice and quiet when all the kids are outside. The slip and slide was a big hit this weekend.