Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can you tell me how to get...

how to get? how to get to Sesame Street?

we planned to go to Philadelphia during James' leave time. We ended up having a super trip but not what we planned.  We didn't make hotel reservations until two nights before and the hotel we were planning on staying no longer had rooms available which turned out to be a good thing! We found a room for less money (a super military discount) which was right by Sesame Place. We'd never been but I knew that it was free for active duty plus 3 dependents. Our kids are perfect ages for sesame place so we decided to go. We drove up Wednesday morning and were able to check in to the hotel at 9:30 am. By 10 we'd settled into the hotel, walked a couple minutes to the park, and were walking in the gate!

 The longest lines were for the characters- with 2 or 3 families in front of us.

 The parade was really cute.
 The rides were fun- James and I took turns riding and hanging out with Baby C.
 this was one of the kids' favorite rides. Baby C loved it too- so fun to watch.
 The water slides were a blast! and we had perfect weather.
 Baby C did nice napping in the stroller, in the swing, and on my lap. We even got chairs in the shade by the Count's Castle to watch the fun.
 The kids loved when the count's bucket dumped water on them.
 We were all worn out at the end of the day
 We enjoyed the playroom at the hotel too- well baby C was napping but the rest of us did.
 A great day of fun- we got to the park when it opened and left when it closed so we had some worn out kids.
We had a short but good day in Philly. There were a lot of school groups there so we couldn't get tickets to Liberty Hall. but we got to see the Liberty Bell. There's not much I would have changed about our trip but next time I think I'll pay the $1.50 per ticket to have a guaranteed ticket to Liberty Hall. We did get to go in a few historical buildings and the kids really enjoyed seeing printing in the printmaking shop. Their other favorite thing was doing the Junior Ranger Program- they passed out a good sized booklet with questions/ activities for the kids to do. The Park Ranger who gave them their badges made it such fun.
One of James' favorite things in Philly was the Philly Cheesesteak. It was good- even without the cheese! We had a super trip! And confirmed some good reasons for homeschooling: 192 we can go on trips when most kids are still in school so places aren't crowded.  193 we can spend time together as a family when James has time off from work. 194 we can enjoy a day in Philly and count it as school!     (I made up those numbers but we do have lots of good reasons!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013


is such a big part of our life, our days. I know everyone eats but when you're home most days with 5 hungry kids it really seems like a big part of our day. the kids and I sit down together at least 3 times a day. James usually joins us for at least a meal or two. And besides all her nursing, baby C has started eating food with us too. I really wanted to wait longer but she was sure she's ready. So far she's eaten sweet potato, bananas, rice cereal, and avocado.  And really likes it! 

The kids (especially C) really love making breakfast- especially breakfast in bed. We have had some interesting meals- I think this is scrambled eggs with a side of marshmallows and apricots, topped with Christmas sprinkles.
Here's our most enthusiastic chef
Our creative meals haven't always included marshmallows- here my sweet boy knew that we were eating lots of salad during our whole 30- so eggs with salad

what a blessing to wake up to 4 kids serving this beautiful fruit salad, eggs with salad, and cereal with marshmallows

C and T made this breakfast surprise (eggs, hotdogs, and cheetos) as a special send-off meal before K went with James to the Royal Rangers Pow-wow.
We missed the photo baby C was in the baby bjorn while KG was making chex mix so Baby C had her first turn stirring.