Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nana and Papa Visit and PQ 11 and 12

I was so thankful with how super our whole summer turned out and I continued to be thankful when my parents came to visit. I was very happy to see them and spend time together- I was also thankful that  they could help with the kids while I went to several dr visits. I don't usually have many dr visits but had knee pain I needed to get checked out right before they got here. (I was also thankful for my big boy helpers when I was having trouble going up and down the stairs.)

My parents got here Sunday and we enjoyed several fun days (when I wasn't at the doctor- well, the kids definitely enjoyed that too- time with Nana and Papa and extra Wii/ movie time).  Monday we celebrated my Dad's birthday with hamburgers. The kids are excited for Papa to do the work they gave him for a birthday gift.

 On Tuesday we went to the Star Spangled Banner House which was really neat. I thought I learned that Mary Pickersgill sewed the first US flag but after googling it I'm not sure.

 We did a few science experiments from K's science book- making ice cream in a bag was a definite favorite.
On Wednesday we rode the water taxi- it was really fun to be out on the harbor.
 We rode all the way to the Ft McHenry which we always enjoy.

 we got back to the inner harbor with 7 minutes to spare for our parking spot and then enjoyed a yummy seafood lunch.

On Thursday my parents took K to DC with them. They got a timeshare for the week and the boys took turns having special time with them. I've been hearing lots of stories of their fun- late nights, few vegetables, fun museums, double decker buses, climbing in a/c shafts, ... great memories!

On Sunday we met my parents at Chapman State Park for PQ 11. We were so excited to see a pair of red foxes and it was good to have a compass refresher course. We have been blessed with wonderful weather all summer.
 After the PQ, we drove to the National Colonial Farm for a picnic lunch. We got a personal tour of the house/ fields area and learned tons about tobacco growing and life mid 1700s. And this super view of Mt Vernon from across the Potomac.
 C was next for the fun with Nana and Papa. "We had camping cereal!" "The bus didn't have seat belts on the bottom" "would you believe how late I stayed up?"... Fun!
T is so close to 6 that we decided to do one last swap for him to have special time with Nana and Papa. This time we met at the National Wildlife Visitors Center. We rode the tram and saw all the neat exhibits- very neat!

T had a quick but super visit with Nana and Papa- when he got home, he said the trip was his favorite memory. Nana and Papa knew the way to his heart- a boat ride and seafood dinner. Nana and Papa left that night to fly up to Canada for the weekend and we did PQ 12- Martinak. Ahoy Matey! We found Blackbeard's Treasure.