Thursday, May 31, 2012


We'd wanted to go to a Orioles' game sometime while in Baltimore especially after hearing about the Dugout program.  We were just going to sign up the 2 big boys but they really make it affordable and friendly so we signed all four kids up. We went to the Mother's Day game and had a really good time. 
the kids all got Orioles hats and bags as part of the dugout program. (We did splurge and get KG a pink hat too which she liked much better.)
they also each got a book as the prize for that game- of course, K read most of the book before the game started.
we sat up high mostly to be in the shade.
KG and James showing their new hats- well, the pink one we bought for KG and they gave James a camou hat for his military service.
T taking a break from the game to go play "air ball"
KG's turn
C seeing how fast his fast ball was. He did get 3 into the strike zone.  I don't have pics from the playground. Or from the big bag of snacks that we brought in with us- so nice to be able to bring snacks instead of paying stadium prices. We did watch a little baseball too! Nice day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Trips

Another reason we love homeschooling is all the time we have to get out and see and do the neat things around us. Here's a few pics from recent outings:

KG at Big Truck Day
Backyard flowers
strawberry picking at Baughers
Feeding the scary goat
the kids love the new garage swing- James thought he got these for working out
KG with her birthday bike- pink of course
KG & T on our together time while K & C at kids' choir
that's T napping after free tennis day
K on police motorcycle at Big Truck Day
C at Big Truck Day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature Day

Last Saturday we got to have a fun nature day. we have lots of nature days but this was an organized one through local nature centers/ parks. In the morning we went to Cromwell Valley Park for Oriole Day. Earlier this year on one of our many walks, we thought we'd seen an Oriole but wanted to make sure we saw the real thing. We had a great morning there- we saw a rescued Great Horned Owl. 
Someone found this owl very young and fed him only hamburger; as a result the owl's body didn't develop properly and he can't fly. 

I don't have many pics from our bird walk but we saw some neat birds- Orchard Orioles, Baltimore Orioles, red wing black bird, golden winged warbler, barn swallow to name a few.
We also go to see a display on the Maryland insect- the Baltimore Checkerspot. so the kids were super excited to see a few in our backyard yesterday. The morning was extra fun because we went with friends. We got a good laugh when we were asked if we were a boy scout troop- 2 Moms, 6 boys, 2 girls- must be boy scouts.
In the afternoon we went to Soldiers Delight for a survival skills class. a quick overview of rope tying and then we hiked a mile or so to identify edible plants.
I think wood sorrel was the kid's favorite. Acorns sound like a lot of work. I'm not what plantain is. It was interesting but I think we'll definitely be packing food for our outdoor time.
The kids absolutely loved our PJ walk in the rain. One day the weather forecast was rain all day but it hadn't started raining after breakfast so we put on boots and headed out the door. The kids thought it was so cool! Fun times! Good memories

Inner Harbor

We are so happy that we signed up for the free Spanish classes in the Inner Harbor. The instructor is super nice. The classes are very basic- K and C definitely already know what the classes have covered so far (colors & numbers ) but they're enjoyed the classes and I'm loving learning that the Inner Harbor doesn't have to be hard or expensive. We've found free 2 hour parking across from the Science Center on Williams street. and lots to see and do around the area. We're just getting started with the classes and look forward to more trips even without classes. 
 the kids' favorite part of Spanish is running to the colored cones
 reading memorial stone at Pride of Baltimore

 it's just fun to sit by the Inner Harbor- see the aquarium & other buildings in the background along with pirate ships and others.

the kids have really enjoyed the Federal Hill playground- best view of the Inner Harbor- well, not this picture but the view from the park!

Last Friday besides the spots above, we also had a Rita's Italian Ice sample and checked out the Visitors Center. We also saw lots of ducks and crabs. Can you find the crab in this pic? This Friday if it's sunny we'll splash in the Sondheim Water Fountain; if it's rainy, our first visit to Science Center. We're excited to have a fun day planned.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I really want to keep one of the long lists of things I'm thankful for and list them here but somehow mine end up a few here, a few there. I really like the 1000 gifts app- it's great to snap a picture or jot down a thankful thought as we're out and about. I also like writing in my journal- love the new leather one James made me. occasionally I include some things I'm thankful for in this blog. I really want to be more intentional about my thankfulness. I found this great website today which lists lots of verses about thankfulness. I really love the verses from Colossians 3: "And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

As we choose peace over bitterness, be thankful. 
As we teach and worship, be thankful.
As we change diapers, discipline children, clean up messes for 10th time, put away clothes, ... 
as we do everything, give thanks. 

I am so thankful for God, for my husband, my children, our families, the spring, James' job, the beautiful garden right down the street, our clothes, our country, new life, and the list goes on and on!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dairy Days

Last year soon after we moved to Baltimore we heard about South Mountain Creamery's Spring Festival and had a great time. so this year we watched for it and were not disappointed. Even the weather turned out better than predicted. We loved seeing all the baby animals- this chicks and ducklings hatched earlier that day.  
 These hatched out the day before we got there and were enjoying the warm light.

 After a very good tour of the dairy, the kids were happy to go play in the rocks and on the playground. We did miss seeing the cow giving birth but got to see the sweet calf learn to stand up. She was still trying to figure out nursing when we left.
 I think T's favorite part of the day was feeding the calf. You really had to hold on our he would have gotten the bottle. i wish I'd gotten pics before the feeding time when T was almost kissing the cow. he was so excited. super cute!
 Ok- the bottle feeding was the favorite before the ice cream- they had a kiddie size so we got six different kinds. very yummy! great end to a great day!

I love the spring

It is so beautiful out. We've really been enjoying all the birds, pretty green plants, and just lots of time outdoors. K & C have choir at Trinity every Wed night so KG & T and I hang out enjoying the fresh air for an hour before rainbows. We usually frequent the park- tickle tag is a big hit- but this week we went on a really nice walk. The kids really loved the big rocks. 
 can you see 6 boys having fun exploring the water? they had a blast and didn't want to get out- even in their jeans!
 We went back to the NCR trail today and had a great bike ride. Today we rode from Sparks to Monkton- just under 8 miles. so pretty out!

 We stopped at the turn around for a little energy boost before heading back.
 This was not outside but it was fun and very cute. The library had a fairygodmother come in to tell the story of Peter Pan. All the kids got to dress up and act out their parts. We had Peter Pan 2 lost boys, and one super cute mermaid.

 you can't see our downy woodpecker in the pic but we watched him for a while and added him to our Audobon list. we're really enjoying our Audobon app
we love the spring and seeing all God's creation!