Saturday, May 21, 2011

Camping Fun

We went on our second MD camping trip last weekend. We're excited to be a ParkquestTeam- we've completed two quests so far. A pirate/ nature compass course at Elk Neck State Park and letter box hike at Fair Hill NEA. We even braved rainy weather for the Fair Hill hike- I'm loving all the time outdoors (although this week was pretty rainy so we didn't get out as much.) We still went on a walk every day and we only got in the car to go to church. We're definitely enjoying our city living. So much you can walk to!

a muskrat we think- I'm going to start adding to our nature blog We've been watching and reading about tons of birds, squirrels, flowers, ...
the view from way up top of the lighthouse (31 feet)- the boys and I climbed up. The pic shows KG and James by the bay.

Marshmallow roasting was a big hit. We can't wait to go camping again.

Pics Finally

I've been doing a little bit of posting and a very little bit of picture posting. But we have been taking pictures- here are a few. This morning we went to the Farmer's market about a mile from our house. After the farmer's market, we stopped a local church's community festival for hotdogs, bouncing, and face painting. Here are my two little warriors (K was busy bouncing & KG wanted to hang out with Mommy while she's recovering from her ear infections.)
KG still wanted in the pic even if she didn't get her face painted. She's quite the talked now. Yesterday James was dressed up in a sportscoat and tie for work and when she saw him, all on her own, she said "Daddy you're handsome."

This is the sign at the entrance to our neighborhood. Guilford Gateway Park- the big boys have been enjoying playing baseball there with James sometimes after dinner. KG & T and I go explore the park- we haven't let the big boys in on the secret that Cold Stone Creamery is walking distance from our house.

This video belongs with the camping pics but it's already here.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Spring

Our neighbors told us we arrived in Baltimore at the best time- the peak of it's beauty. I'm sure they're right bc it's beautiful right now. They are lots of neat museums and other things to do here, but we're loving spending most of our days in pretty green areas. The boys are pretty good walker/ hikers now since we do a lot of it. Most days are not too far- we've been going to Sherwood Gardens (beautiful tulips, then azaleas, now roses) & Guilford Gateway- where the boys practice baseball with James when he gets off work on time. Now we've been branching out to walk to the library, grocery store, and YMCA playground some days and Stony Run Park others. One of these days I'll send my MANY pics of squirrels, robins, flowers, cocoons so I can upload them, but not today. but it is really neat to see them all and to see how different city animals are from out in the country. On a bike ride the other day, we stopped under a trip and watched a robin sitting about 3 feet from us for a long time. We get super close to the squirrels too. We picked up a book about birds and have been reading some about them each day.

Friday, May 6, 2011


We've really been having a good time here in Maryland- other than being far away from our friends and family in other places. The kids were so excited about Easter they got dressed without being asked. K and C came in my room dressed up in their nice jackets and white shirts, T decided T-shirts and shorts was the best Easter look!

Happy Birthday James! We had a wonderful Easter celebration at church including the Eggspress and then a family bike ride to Baltimore Museum of Art- we had the place to ourselves- I guess everyone else knew it was going to pour! We listened to lots of the family talks while we looked at the art and then came home to celebrate James' birthday!
I was too slow with my camera- we had seven kids (all 6 and under) intently gathered around some really cool bug in the backyard. I'm glad these "scientists" avoided the poison ivy we found later! Our first Maryland friends- with kids the same ages as ours! How fun!!
Here's the gang (minus one little baby) gathered after our Easter Egg hunt.