Saturday, October 31, 2009

All dressed up

and lots of places to go- this week we went to a hayride at West Produce, a fall festival, & the boys' first trick or treating. The boys loved dressing up, pumpkins, hayrides, friends, ...

KG's first hayride
the boys with Fun Fridays friends- we had 75 of us at West Produce Friday
KG grinning in her Tigger costume before passing it on to a friend
James and the kids lighting up our pumpkin after hearing the pumpkin gospel. The boys asked for forgiveness for their mushie-gushies and sang "this little light of mine"
K was so excited that he won the cake walk- of course he picked the biggest cake- this beautiful jack o 'lantern cake. We had lots of fun at the fall festival- another hayride, bean bag toss, fishing, basketball throw, cotton candy, ...
The cutest pumpkin and her super hero big brothers! No pictures but good memories from K & C's first trick or treating. We went to a few friends' houses in the neighborhood. and came back with happy boys and tons of candy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

good weekend!

a little pancake painting- food and art all in one- boys love it!
Grandma came down Friday afternoon- K was super excited that she was staying for 3 meals. "That's like a whole day of food Grandma." James and I went out last night without the kids- we did my kind of shopping- 20 minutes!!! then off to 4th Friday complete with a super yummy Italian Ice. Saturday morning we went rock climbing at Red Point which was a blast. James and I even did the moving rock wall. Then Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and more fun at the neighborhood get together. Here are the boys painting pumpkins.
Here are the boys in the fire truck.
Grandma and costumed grandkids
C is getting good at riding on 2 wheels too!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good week

So we had a fun busy week and then a nice quiet weekend. After getting home from our trip just before 2 am, we started our week with K's speech. Tuesday we enjoyed program day at PWOC and K's first day of Spanish/ Art/ Conditioning class (an on-post class for homeschool kids during PWOC). He was a little nervous about going but has been telling us Spanish words ever since. C &T got to see a HMMWV up close and got on the hood for a picture. Wednesday we made it to the library for story time and then Thursday the parties began. Thursday the Pine Valley play group came over to play and then that night we went to free rock climbing. We all had a great time climbing. The boys loved that they could go to the top of the boulder wall. T liked the kids' play area, the boys all loved their chip sandwiches for dinner. Then Friday we had our 2nd annual costume party potluck for Fun Fridays. We were glad to have some Pine Valley friends there too- 33 little friends, 16 mommies, and 2 grandmas- and lots of super yummy food. Everyone had a good time. That night James picked up Papa John's pizza on the way home (20% off for military) and we began our nice quiet weekend.

Actually it was an eventful nice weekend so I took several pictures. Here's a neat pic of one of K's good baseball hits- the yellow blur is the tennis ball after K hit it with a bat.

Here's us having dinner by our fire pit (first time we lit it here in KS- so nice to sit out by the fire, we had chili & cornbread and then after some baseball warmed up with apple cider

cute KG now sits by herself (when she's not rocking too much!), reaches for people, and says "dada"
here's James learning (I mean teaching K to ride a bike!)
K practicing bike riding- he's getting really good at it
KG with Mary Kay's little boy- they were so sweet playing on the floor- we had lots of little babies over here Friday
KG's first ride in the wagon- she loved it
K is reading now- he wrote lots of words on the frig and read a book to us today!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandmollie visit

We were so blessed to get to see our Grandmollie last weekend. We really enjoyed the visit. The boys were so happy about all the books and about all the time Grandmollie, Nana, and Papa spent reading to them. They also loved riding the carousel, hearing how Grandmollie's father and husband worked on the railroad, and eating lots of yummy food. K told me several times on the way home "Mommy, we ate dessert after every meal!" We also enjoyed going to Grandmollie's church- so nice to see her wonderful friends. We sure wish we lived closer to Grandmollie, Nana & Papa.

The whole gang dressed up for church.
KG sat still long enough for this picture. She mostly liked bouncing.
We loved riding the carousel lots of times!
C holding KG's first doll- a beautiful present from Grandmollie.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa

We went today on our 4th Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa. I can't believe our little miracle is almost 4. We've had big walks and small walks- this year we went out with our family and enjoyed the quiet as we thanked God for our miracle. We also prayed for the families' who lost babies to vasa previa. One day testing will be mandatory and babies will not die to this condition. it only takes a moment to diagnose life ...
see for more info and to read C's story.