Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Crusaders 2019

We love our boys' homeschool soccer team- the Crusaders started 3 years ago and have grown lots in numbers, size, and skill. We've loved every year of playing and growing together! I may have written this before but another list of what we love about Crusaders is in order!

I love that
-our 3 boys can play together- along with 4 other pairs of brothers! It's a real band of brothers!

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-James can help with the team
-our youngest 3 can have fun with all the younger siblings on the sidelines
-great group of young men/ Moms/ families
-practice in the afternoons
-they're improving each year
-friendships are growing and growing
-carpools are terrific
-Coach Levi cares about the boys' character and development on and off the field
-we have our end of year celebration at the pavilion which is fun (soccer/ playground/ chatting), good (pizza and dessert), and easy
-we have a resident photographer and 2 doctors! (thankful we haven't needed the doctor opinion much but good as a backup!)

Crusaders 2017-
look how young they look and the coaches look tall! 
2018- silly boys

2018 tournament pic

Crusaders 2019
-instead of trophies/ certificates Coach speaks about each boy at the end of year celebration- some highlights from this year: T- mentally always in right spot.  C & K- fire and ice- can you guess which one which? one plays with fire and one an anchor
-the games are getting better and better- first year 0 wins. second year- boys won 1 game. This year we won 4 and tied 1.
-the tournament game was really well played. we lost 4-0 but it was so much closer than that.
-boys continue to play together in off-season during Eday and Wednesday afternoons.

Dream Run 2019
Tournament 2019
Loved this- presenting the boys varsity high school team and praying!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dream run

This year I helped some with the Dream Run which makes me really appreciate all the behind the scenes that goes into putting on a race! It was fun to get to talk to people when they came for packet pickup and to see all the familiar faces at the race. The boys did a great job running and were excited to have so many of their Crusader teammates running too! 

We went out for a cupcake at Sweet Pallette after the race.

See all the Crusaders! (Came in Top 3 in 13-14 yos and 2nd in 15-16 yo)

Kids were thankful I was hungry and went to Turkey Sandwich Shop

KG was happy to keep up with the Jones' 

Beach 2019

            We're so thankful for a great week at the beach. Last year we were evacuated early due to Hurricane Florence- James took the boys home Monday for a soccer game and we were all evacuated Tuesday morning. The girls went to FL with my parents and V and I returned home to ride out the hurricane. This year we're enjoying super weather.

Our days have mostly followed this predictable, but fun routine:
- morning walk
-breakfast- Sa-Muffins, eggs, sausage, Su-cereal, Mon- toast, eggs, Tues- oatmeal
-game (Skipbo, Rummikub, Ticket to Ride, Family Feud...)
-beach, lazy river, pool
-lunch- sandwiches, clam pasta, taco soup, turkey chili
--beach, lazy river, pool
-dinner- Nana brought lots- Boston butt, lasagna, pork loin, burgers, ...
-movie- Secret Life of Pets 2, Dumbo

Tonight we went to a magic show that was really good- Renzi's Magic Show was a lot of fun. The girls both got to go be part of the show! Very fun.

I usually blog after I download pictures but I'll do it backwards this time :)
Some favorite memories-
kids reading V books
playing games together
boys rushing to help V when he went in by himself

Lots of fun annual pancake breakfasts! 

My sweet shell finder

Love seeing them care for this little guy!

No words needed!

Birthday boys!

My girl and I!

Post soccer "Cookout!"

The magic show was so fun! 

Morning walks are nice!

Our beautiful popcorn spot!

More magic fun!

No pictures of our cookout or pool time but those were great too!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Fort Fisher

I've been wanting to go camping for a long time. We used to go fairly often in Baltimore but here we've been involved in more activities and haven't made the time to go camping. When a dear friend said they were going, I thought we could do that too! And we did! 

We made a quick trip to Fort Fisher.  The kids and I left first thing Thursday morning. We wanted to go to the aquarium but it was closed. We were a little sad until we made it to the beach! We spent a few hours at fort-fisher-state-recreation area- it's a really nice spot. Free and has showers, picnic tables, a small discovery room perfect for book reading and cooling off :) Our pics aren't in order but we had a great trip! 

Kids were super excited about camping cereal!

Only downside to our trip was kids were so excited to get out to the beach that I got sunburnt! 

Fun to watch crabs! Bikes were also lots of fun!

Lots of great nature books in the discovery room! 

No words needed for this amazing view!

Resting between waves!

I love sand time! 

Our first camping trip with friends! So fun!

Worn out boy! All were sleeping! 

Walking tacos were a big hit! 

We had such a good trip and definitely want to go again! 

LewCrew Christian Academy Metriculation 2019

This year we had s last minute smaller than normal graduation   metriculation since James says it's not a "graduation." Each of our kids shared a song and their favorite Bible verse. I love how their personalities showed especially as they sang and introduced themselves and also in their pics! 

V going into PK Genesis 4:7

KG going into 5th grade Romans 3:23

T going into 7th 1 Tim 4:12

C going into 8th grade, Joshua 1:9

CE going into 1st Gal 5:22

K going into 10th John 3:34

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Serving and playing together

We've had an amazing summer of playing, working, and being together. All the ages and stages are fun- it's really neat to see what kids can accomplish now and especially what we can accomplish together. Here's a few pics

For Manna Serve day we went to Rick's Place and helped with a lot of tasks. It was extra fun that super friends went with us!

We celebrated our serve day at Pelicans! 

So blessed to have friends with a pool. Lot so fun there. 

Family wii night was super fun! 

We always enjoy Chick-Fil-A dress like a Cow day!


Watermelon hits the spot after a hot day serving. 

Summer at Manna nights were also fun!

James and I tried a new spot pharaohs village

cookout fun with friends!