Thursday, February 14, 2019


This young man is always all in. Whatever he's doing 100% in. He makes me smile and cry. He has a gift of leadership and passion. When he focuses his passion in the right direction, he does such wonderful things!
Even his plate is all in- he wanted a "kitchen sink" hamburger for his birthday dinner and it barely fits on the plate!

Crazy about his little brother. He also is a great helper at church. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Skiing 2019

We ended our 2019 ski trip with a family bonfire with hotdogs and s'mores. 

Love 70 degree picnic at the ski slope!

snowboarding is even more fun with friends

Our Manna friends after Friday morning breakfast at the hotel

Cute baby friend!

Little C's ski lesson gave me time to ride and ski with James

Two cuties and their cute photo bomber :) 

Our new photographer loved the Blue Ridge Parkway drive

KG and V spent time with Grandma!

Lunch with Grandma

Even with our 7 hours of skiing, we squeezed in two trips to the pool
K should be smiling- there's no line for equipment at 9!

Lunch with friends!

On 3 "Life Change"

We even got to ski together!

We had another great trip skiing this year! You can't beat the homeschool discount. Our 3rd year in a row. We were sad that KG couldn't ski this year but she and V enjoyed their time with Grandma.
We always have some lessons learned from our trip- this year:
1- always ask for the lesson for all the kids- and next year have everyone take the lesson!
2- there's no line for check in at 9!
3- there's a microwave at the hotel lobby
4- pack sunscreen
5- wear knee braces if you need them

$1 parking
$5 big locker (plus $5 deposit)
$24  per person to ski, $32 per person to snowboard (inc 8 hour lift pass, rentals, 1 hour lesson)
Ski Appalachian
French Swiss Ski

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Addition

We are so excited to have our new addition- here's some pics along the way. We love the space!!

Hardin Construction

Nursing Home Caroling 2018

I wanted to write this while the memories are fresh in my head. And I really want to choose to capture the thoughts of all the good the things from yesterday.
  • hearing the sweet little lady say "This reminds me of when I used to teach Sunday school. Then being so thankful to hear us sing "Away in a Manger."
  • watching the woman just fill up with joy as she hugged Caitlin and another sweet girl.
  • hearing the woman say "did you come here last year?" and being so glad to see us.
  • seeing Ms. Teresa happy to see us and asking us to sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
  • hearing Ms. Josie say she was so glad we're there
  • seeing the man happy to shake my hand but then overjoyed with a hug
  • hearing the sweet woman start the second verse of "Joy to the World" and then continue with the third
  • hearing the chorus sing 
  • seeing the kids share joy
(I do want to write a couple ideas to improve for next year.)
Ask 4 people ahead of time to be group leaders for the goodie hand-out
Give each child  a goodie bag/ card to pass out (if they want to) before you start
Get a diagram of rooms. Highlight for each group leader
Find new person to be in charge!

Summer Fun

I'n so late posting all these, that the pictures will have to be worth a 1000 words!! 

We love Duck Donuts and were excited when one opened up right by our Aldi's! 

No words needed :)

Beginning of our addition- July 2018

Lots of exciting equipment at our house

So thankful that we had amazing weather (no rain) the whole time the old roof was being taken off

How cool to have an upstairs!
It was really neat to see the whole building process.
Bathroom wasn't quite ready but we got to observe whole process!

Birthday boy picked carrot souffle & fish!
How did 11 get here so soon!
We were so excited to have our old neighbors come visit- what a neat story- how our neighbors sold their house, we got more good neighbors, and a friend got a new house.  :)

Someone was said her friend was leaving again-