Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pi day

We didn't go to the science center this year for pi day since we had Park Pals. so glad we went! It was fun and our new friends 
told us about s'mores pie with homemade chocolate pudding! Yum! Our new favorite!

Since Friday was a busy day, we celebrated pi day Saturday.
Egg pie for breakfast
Tuna pot pie for lunch
Pizza and s'mores pie for day

Fun times!

Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Wild Ride

What a ride we've had since January

  • didn't know where we were moving
  • found out James was going, not sure about me and the kids. but we told the kids if we couldn't go to Korea we'd move back to our house in North Carolina
  • thought it'd be easy for the kids and I to go with James- got lots of great info from friends and bloggers who'd lived in Korea.
  • spent weeks talking up Korea to the kids- how fun to homeschool there!
  • found out my visits to specialists in Baltimore might keep us from going to Korea
  • weeks of visits, emails, and phone calls with doctors to get cleared to go to Korea
  • normal lab results!! cleared by doctor
  • all to a screeching halt when James finally found out where he would be working and they told him families couldn't go anymore :(
  • waiting to find out where the kids and I would go
  • and waiting
  • and waiting
  • we found out the kids and I could move back to North Carolina but when we told our property manager that we wanted to move back into our house he reminded us that our rental agreement was through 2015 :(
  • our renter agreed to move out by May 15th. 
so we're moving back into our house in Fayetteville!!

I didn't include in my list all the prayers, all the answered prayers, all the tears, all the lessons learned, ... what a ride! we kept pointing out good things to the kids to make them feel better. if we can't live in the same place with Daddy, at least we'll live in our old house. (then we find out we might not be able to go back to NC or our house.)  amazing answered prayers with all the doctor visits and paperwork. even getting to see some of our closest friends in NC. we were said to find out they were moving away before we moved there, and today we found out we'll all be there for a few weeks together!  

God has great plans for us!