Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beach trip

 We just got back from a wonderful week at the beach! We are so blessed. So thankful that we've been able to have such wonderful adventures!!

This adventure began with a day trip (for most of us) to near the exit for Hilton Head. We met my Mom at Sergeant Jaspar Park for a picnic. Five of us headed home afterwards and two excited boys went to spend some time with Nana and Papa. They had a blast- games, movies, zipline- so much fun!

 Nana and Papa drove back up on Friday so boys could play Saturday morning soccer games- their coach said they'd be in trouble if they missed :)
Soccer watching wears you out!

After the soccer games, we drove to Rick's Place for their Family Fun Day. We enjoyed a beautiful day, yummy food, a petting zoo, watching the ninja course, and then most of us headed to Myrtle Beach. James and 10U boys played a soccer game first. 

can't forget the face painting!

 We got to the beach in time to see a beautiful beach wedding and enjoy the amazing balcony.

Sunday morning we hit the beach!! I love the beach- so beautiful! This time we dug an aquarium- complete with sand dollars, hermit crabs, periwinkles, ... we sat and watched the animals for a long time.
 We got into our traditional routine- breakfast, games, beach, lazy river, pool, lunch, rest, repeat :)

This year we were excited to get to go to the Myrtle Beach aquarium- it was nearly empty when we got there- except for all the amazing animals! We even pet sting rays and sharks!
 KG saw signs and programs about the aquarium before we knew we were going to get to go and was really excited to pet the jellies and she did!! how cool!
 Wonderful, amazing trip!
 The kids had fun playing pool games
 The Fire pit was a hit again this year- especially with s'mores
 Even fit in some beach soccer practice & I didn't get pictures of the sweaty runners who went all the way to the pier!
 Love these cuties! I remember when K played on this slide when he was about V's size- 10 years ago!
 The juggling and magic classes were fun too!
 We've moved our cookout spot to right by the beach.
 So excited to get to link up with my good friend Heather! We had a super visit on the beach and got to share hotdogs and birthday brownies.
 We had a wonderful trip! So thankful!

Not the beach but just so cute!