Wednesday, June 18, 2014

North Carolina

"Home" James and I both took this pic and posted "Home" when we arrived back in NC. It is sooo good to be back. I was going to write my top 10 reasons I'm glad we're home but some pics will do.
So many memories from this house and on these front steps- James' promotion to LTC, "Welcome Home Daddy", New Baby, many more and now our return!
What we'll miss most about Baltimore- the friends we made

And Sherwood Gardens

Love Love Love our deck (which James built) and our backyard!

Love!! getting home on Saturday, amazing welcome at church on Sunday, park day and cookout with friends on Monday, motorcycle ride, ...

Love having a friend who texts me at 8 to say let's go to the beach!
Love being able to get in the car and go that day!
Love that we had a beautiful day at the beach with good friends

Love that although we lost 1000 sq ft of house, it feels so much better.  And the  mess is getting better most days!

Love having friends to go swim with, come pick kids up to go swim, have play dates with...

Love being able to have lots of friends over for the day even if the roofers made our yard a construction zone

Love Daddy being here for haircuts and everything else

We are so happy to be back home. We enjoyed our time in Baltimore but this feels like home. I'm always reminded of  a friend saying "I wish there wasn't so much friendly before friends." Here we already have friends. Yes, I hope to make more friends but it's super to have friends already when we got here. Church the day after we got to town was like a reunion- it feels like we went on an extended trip and can pick back up where we were. (Except for being sad that one super family moved away.) 

Here are my top things I love about our NC house- in no particular order after number one :)
1. our yard
2. painting the kids' rooms
3. one story
4. our kitchen
5. our kitchen sink
6. it's smaller- less to clean
7. our school rom
8. our cul de sac
9. our neighborhood
10. parking
I could go on but it's bedtime!