Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I've been watching KG toddle around- she's at such a cute age- (most of the time it's cute.) And thought she says so many cute things that I'm sure I'll always remember, except I don't remember all the boys said and did. I think of them at the age they are now. so I'm trying to do a good job recording these cute things.

Here's a couple from T:
one day this week, C came in my room in tears bc his rubber band bracelet broke. T said when he's big enough for one of those he wants one with bones inside so it doesn't break.

then today we were talking about birthdays. I said mine is in June. He started laughing and asked why grown-ups have birthdays.

This isn't funny but I thought I'd added enough posts today so this goes in funnies. I'm going to a new Bible study- and we read the verses from Isaiah 40:29-31. When I read the part about soar like wings of eagles, I was reminded of our trip to Wright Brothers last week. In the movie, they said the Wright brothers noticed there were two types of flying birds- flapping and soaring. Eagles soar. As I read Isaiah 40:29-31 I thought I spend a lot of time flapping- when God wants me soaring. I also thought eagles usually soar up high, while flapping birds are lower down. That fits me too- I spend so much time, energy, focus on lower things- not focused high. Now I'll strive to soar like eagles!

Walk for Vasa Previa

Every October since C's birthday, we've done a Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa. Some years were big ones with lots of people, other years just the family. But this year we just couldn't seem to make it work. I kept having it in the back of my mind bc it really is a passion of mine to tell people about vasa previa- this condition we'd never heard of until it almost took our baby's life. Then amazing how it worked out that the weekend of C's 5th birthday turned out to be a great time for our family to do out walk. We had such a nice morning. The boys were all big enough to walk, KG loved riding and napping in the backpack. We had good weather. We walked in the woods behind our house and stopped midway for a prayer and little talk about vasa previa. The boys all know that C making it is a miracle from God. Here's some pics from our walk-

More OBX and birthday x 3

OK I'm not quite smart enough to put the pics in backwards order so this is backwards. we had a great trip. James was there the first few days and then Nana and Papa the last part. We spent days at the park, swimming in the pool, visiting lighthouses, sliding in the sand, playing on the beach. yes, too cold for swimming but a great trip. Here's the kids out on the beach the last day.
I'll put some pics of our beach finds on our nature blog.
Sweet little ones headed down to the beach.
C's bday celebration #3- w/ Nana and Papa
Bodie Lighthouse- boys got badges- 3 Junior Rangers. I don't have pics of Wright Brothers, but we had a good visit there too. The boys enjoyed getting their badges and learning about early airplanes.
This tree (or one near it) by Currituck Lighthouse has lots of memories- from way back in 2001 with a little baby boy through this year & lots in between.
We hiked all around Jockey's Ridge- boys were so excited to find each number.
Sliding down Jockey's Ridge. Last year T couldn't go up by himself. This year he didn't want to stop.

Our kite- KG napping in the backpack.
T ready for some duck hunting. We had a great visit to the wildlife center by Currituck Lighthouse. Got to watch fish feeding- a little class about fish. A great movie about the history of the area, dressed up like duck hunters, and went home with new fishing costumes.
Bday celebration #2- w/ Grandma, Uncle B, and Pops Leon
Celebration #1 with the Lewcrew. We had pancakes for dinner & C requested carrot cake which we made from scratch (peeled the carrots, opened vanilla beans, ...) since we were snowed in and couldn't buy any shortcuts! Can't believe he's 5! Wow! It seems like yesterday that we were praying for him to make it. And now he goes a million miles an hour.
5 years ago (yesterday) our little miracle arrived. what a night! what a boy! We're so thankful for him. We went on our family walk for vasa previa this weekend- still praying for all the vasa previa angels and their families.
Chase's miracle birth

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outer Banks/ Snow Days

Here's one of our two snowmen from the last snow- the other wasn't dressed so no pic!
these turtles from the aquarium on Roanoke Island- could go on our nature blog but they were just so cute

you can really see how much they've grown when you compare pics. last year KG was too little to sit on the turtle. We were really blessed to go to 2 years in a row of free day at the aquarium.