Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ski Trip

 We just got back from an amazing ski trip! We were looking forward to the trip: Homeschool Ski days with French Swiss at Appalachian Mountain but it was even better than I thought!!

 We signed up a week or so before going and made reservations Meadowbrook Inn & Suites.  (The homeschool special rate was $60 per room per night.)  We followed waze directions and it was right at 3:30 hours to get there. We arrived at 9:45 and it took most of the time until 11:15 to get ready (getting signed in, equipment, a couple bathroom breaks- the 1 hour early recommendation arrival time would probably be plenty except we have two sweet little ones who need extra help.)

 I was a little worried beforehand about hidden costs but the only ones were $1 for parking and we decided to spend $3 per child for helmet rental. Even our 22 month old and 4 year old skied. My husband stayed with our almost 2 year old while the rest of us took the 1 hour included group lesson. One son snowboarded so he went with that group. They split the skiers into age groups. I stayed with our 4 & 7 old daughters while our other boys went with the 8-12 yo group. The 3-7 year old instructor was great with the kids and I'm glad we did the lesson but it was very basic. It did have them going down the smallest bunny hill at the end. We loved the moving carpet. Instead of the old tow rope you just get on the moving carpet and ride up the bunny slopes- so easy that even our under 2 year old could get on and off by himself after a few practices.

I loved the fact that Appalachian is pretty small. I felt safe enough that the kids could go on their own on the slopes that fit their abilities. All the slopes ended in the same spot so we could see them as they came down.
 There was a restaurant inside but we packed a picnic lunch and ate on the picnic tables on the deck. We got a medium locker ($3 plus $5 deposit for the day) to store the food and other stuff there. We left our diaper bag and shoes in the racks in equipment rental room.

 Included in the homeschool rate was a one hour group lesson, skis, boots, poles rental, and 8 hours of skiing. We skied until 4:30 and were worn out! (C on bench in equipment room after skiing)

 We checked into the hotel and were happy to find a Mellow Mushroom walking distance from the hotel. We didn't walk because we were exhausted but we could have- instead we did carry on. The hotel did not have a refrigerator in the room but did have a microwave near the lobby (which we needed to heat rice bags) and hot breakfast in the morning.

While Wednesday was beautiful and in the 50s, Thursday's forecast was high of 32 and dropping throughout the day. We woke up to howling winds (30+ mph) and decided to do something indoors and then head home. So we went to Mystery Hill I'd been there as a kid and we took Keegan when he was really little. It was neat to go back with everyone!
 The bubble room was there favorite!

This was the kids' other favorite part of Mystery Hill.
This picture doesn't show it but this was pretty neat- it looks like you're flying.
Next door we saw tons of Native American artifacts and antiques from the family who founded Appalachian State

We definitely want to go skiing again! Next time we will bring more water bottles- They did have a water fountain but the stairs are no joke in ski boots so maybe keep a bottle with your shoes in the equipment room. ! If it's warm out, we'll put the lift ticket on ski bibs (so we could take off our jackets.) They do have ski bibs for rent there- I think $5 each. next time we may end a little earlier and either drive back home that night or have energy for swimming after dinner.
We might try to get a group next time for tubing too!

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