Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pictureless Wednesday

so is it really middle of June already? How time flies. Memorial Day Weekend was a blur of fun- cookouts, swimming with friends, a birthday celebration with Grandma, Uncle B, and Pops Leon. Then James headed up to DC for a few days and my parents, Becky & David spent the night here on the way to a 100 mile bike trip. Another great birthday celebration and visit! And we found out James was selected for ROTC PMS. We're moving to Baltimore, MD next summer!

We've spent tons of time in our backyard pool with friends. We've had lots of fun & eaten lots of watermelon. The boys play Marco Polo, run circles around the pool, practice swimming, play sharks, and splash lots!

Every few days we have a quiet (as quiet as it gets with 4 small kids) day alone at home to recover from all our hot weather fun. We got to eat breakfast with James one day this week before he headed back to DC. We got to learn more about free range chicken eggs. And then enjoyed a nice morning outdoors- We got to watch a spider catch, wrap, eat his bug breakfast. We found more blackberries around our yard and checked out our apple tree. K asked if it was okay to read his Bible because he wants to read it in the morning like Mommy & Daddy. I heard on the radio a comedian talking about how we take pics of the good times bc we want to remember the good memories. I want to do that with this blog too.

Then back to the loud splashing fun of more cookouts and swimming with friends. Mixed with the researching of Maryland. Sometimes the internet really is great. You can "meet" people from somewhere before you go!