Thursday, November 22, 2018

October Fun

Hurricance Florence affected so many people's lives. The impact on our life wasn't nearly as big but it did change our September plans. We all looked forward to the beach and the pastor's retreat. James and I were to go to the beach, KG and c to Nana/Papa's, the boys to Crusaders' houses, and V to Grandma's. Plans changed and only the girls were able to to on their trip. Roads were flooded all over NC. V kept asking "when the roads get fixed, can I go to Grandma's?" Well, in October, V went. Here's one picture from his fun trip! 

so excited to ride a horse

Student group skate night

HOME square dance

Fort Bragg Halloween tennis fun

Guess his costume? a homeschooler- Math Counts shirt, PJ pants, his hat from every day :) 

only took 3 trick or treating- the rest went to a party. We had fun trick or treating after Boo-ritos at Chipotle!

Getting ready to build bike garage

can't be time for this yet! 

ROC Week

ROC week is always an exciting/ busy time. This year it was even busier- we went to all the events plus helped with the set. 

some of the student group after helping assemble/ move some of the set

even got K to vacuum

K and c had fun at the elementary GLOW party for HOME
We did squeeze a play and the park. Faith players performed Anne of Green Gables in Sanford and we enjoyed the play and a picnic with friends. 

Two Tree Transporters 

Grace Dream Center Run

Last year, James took T to the Dream Center run. This year I took the oldest four. We had a chilly run but had a good time- it was fun to run with so many friends and people we knew from church. 

Soccer buddies (and top 3 finishers)

7 Crusaders ran

C and I won the Family duo- we got gift certificate for  sweet pies at Fayetteville Pie Company.

Birthday Girl

I can' believe our baby girl is 6 now! The years have flown by. Seems like just yesterday she was little bitty. We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday! 

c and Daddy dancing at the ROC after purple cupcakes! 

Birthday girl picked and made pigs in a blanket two years in a row! 

Rainy birthday afternoon was perfect for popcorn and a movie!

Incredible 2 was incredible!! Fun movie with friends!

Bethany treated c to happy meal dinner before dancing.

On Tuesday, we went out for birthday donuts! 

unicorn hatching egg was fun to watch all week!

Sweet baby girl's heart tattoo- fitting for such a sweet girl!

More Oct Fun

Dickey's BBQ  for dinner after the game

Tooth buddies! These two both lost the same tooth shortly before turning 6 in Oct and Nov.

a dog and his boy. she pulled him up the hill!

We were so excited to see our friend/ neighbors who recently moved to Savannah. c and her friend G had so much fun playing together. Pretty neat story how met and how they sold their house. One morning while James was in Korea, their dog jumped the fence and chased our chickens. I ran out to save the chickens and saw G's Mom dressed 80s style trying to call their dog. That afternoon we met again at soccer practice. That strange meeting led to lots of days of G and c talking across the fence and playing together in our backyard. Many tears about them leaving but God worked out good in the move. Long story short- one of our closest friends ended up buying their house and now lives right behind us! 

soccer is more fun in Grandma's lap!

celebrating our newest reader! c finished 100 Easy lessons so we celebrated with chick filA and picking out her new Bible!

Our first MU soccer game! Good free fun! 

We always love trips to Rick's Place. This afternoon kids got to go play while making a movie!
Here are the kids in RHF Kids' video

Good buddies resting at Eday

c and Ms Sutton at Nursing Home. We go each month and its so sweet to get to know the residents.