Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Yes, it's 31 Dec 2016 and I'm just now posting NYE 2015 pics. That's okay- it looks very similar to this year's pics (if I'd taken any this year.) Well the kids are 2-4" taller, V is awake a lot more, we no longer have our yellow fair cups, but we did have lots of the same fried foods. I do enjoy our NYE tradition of each person making an appetizer. In Baltimore, we went to BJs and everyone picked a premade appetizer that only required heating, now the food isn't any healthier but there is some more cooking involved. 
c picked pigs in blanket 
KG breakfast eggrolls
T crab rangoon
C beef empanadas
K honey BBQ chicken wings
D deep fried apple pie
M carrots/ Whitman's sampler that i forgot for  Christmas :(

I really enjoy our tradition of each person serving the food they made and as they serve telling the person what they love about them. So many different responses- so sweet to hear the kids say why they love us and each other. 

 This year James did go to the NYE service at Manna. the kids and I stayed home, v ran all over the place and then went to bed, the other kids played K's new game and wii. When James got home, we counted down and yelled Happy New Year! (I think it was 9 pm. And toasts of sparking apple cider.

Last year we went roller skating

with friends. Lots of fun!

This year we're going to a new church site. Praying for a great new year!! 

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