Sunday, September 14, 2008

We made it through our first James-less weekend

Well, my title isn't quite true. We're not James-less (or tealess or toastless for you Pooh fans)- he's just far away and as the boys remind me daily he loves us lots even far, far away! And we did much better than survive. God gave us lots of fun things to do this weekend. We started off Saturday morning with a quiet house- no boys were awake until after 7:15- it was so nice to make coffee, pancakes, & eggs to the beautiful sound of silence! Then, off to K's first soccer game. The kids were so cute in their green jerseys (which went to their knees unless you were smart & crafty and hemmed them- not me!) C was excited on Friday about cheering but Saturday morning he was pretty sure he needed a jersey and ball. T was happy with ers on the sideline. I think we had a flashback to July weather so everyone was pretty tired (parents included) after the game. We did have enough energy to go celebrate the first game at Sonic- the boys even got to drink cherry limeade (not in my usual short list of approved drinks for them!)
We got home to good naps for all and then got ready for a birthday party! Yeah!! We had a great time over at a friend's house- there were lots of boys there- her 4, my 3, another friend's 2! The boys loved playing with new toys, friends, and cake & ice cream. T had a blast- he thinks he's a little boy now, not a baby! I dragged 3 tired little boys home to bed. I followed them soon after I got to "chat" with James.
We went to a new church service today which I loved! We got the same great Manna music, the same great message, but without the crowds! The boys loved their new rooms. I loved seeing lots of friends there. We definitely enjoyed the old Manna building too but this was great! We'll definitely be back next week! And added bonus of the 9 am service- we were home by 11. The only bummer was paying $4.09 a gallon for gas on the way home- I guess that's better than the $5.50 some gas stations yesterday!

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