Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things Accomplished

So I was talking to a good friend the other day and she said she didn't accomplish very much that day. I had words of wisdom (well at least some words) about how we're accomplishing lots by the time we're spending with our children- teaching them about God, about loving each other, about the world. But then I still have the feeling lots of days that I haven't accomplished anything- as soon as I clean the floor, it's dirty again, I do the laundry & there's more dirty laundry, I change a diaper, and you know what happens ... This week I did empty the many weeks' worth of recycling from the garage and finally got took the many months' worth of plastic grocery bags to a recycle spot. (I have been trying to remember to use the reusable green bags.) I clean the floor and it's dirty again- but least now little T can help vacuum.

But soon after I had those thoughts, we got some more beautiful snow- a whole 1-2" of it. The boys woke up and came running to tell me it snowed again. They had a blast playing in it. We did a science experiment- all 3 boys worked on their project of filling a water pitcher with snow to see how it turns into water when it gets warm & freezes when it gets cold. As I sat watching the boys working together and playing so nicely, I thought this is important- more than accomplishing things. I was reminded again as I heard C singing "There were 12 disciples" and K telling me the ways he's going to help me by being a good big brother.

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