Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Special Day

I'm very behind on my "blogging" so this Special Day is about yesterday (even though I had several other good days before that I haven't written about yet.) But I really wanted to put this 3D picture of Kayleigh up. (This shows her face with eyes, nose, mouth and then her umbilical cord is in front.)
K went with me to the u/s. C & T stayed home with Nana while I took K to his speech therapy. I got to go in the back and hear K work on "ing" words. He played lots of fun games- I think he has so much fun playing he doesn't even know he's working on things. Then we went to Great Harvest and got coffee (for me) & a muffin- K was very excited and told James he got to go to a yummy store. Then we went to my u/s. K was so good there- he was very excited to see pictures of his baby sister. We talked about belly buttons, umbilical cords, and how babies are born- his view (the doctor cuts a hole in Mommy's tummy) is pretty different from my friend Ashley's kids (she had another home birth Sunday- I can't wait to meet her little girl!) He looked like a kid at Christmas when Jamie (the u/s tech) handed him the picture of Kayleigh. He gave the picture a big hug and said he loves his baby sister. So sweet- one of those moments to remember.

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