Tuesday, February 3, 2009

James is coming home soon!

45 days- who's counting? I was really excited to get an email from James this morning that says he should be home around March 20th- before Kayleigh's arrival 26 March! The boys are still learning about time but are excited that it's getting close!

So K is learning some of my cooking secrets already. We had a typical James deployed week of meals (well- except for the chicken.) We started with red beans & rice on Sunday. Then Monday I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker- the boys were excited to each get a chicken leg & we'll have chicken in the freezer for later. I had mashed potatoes in the freezer which I made into potato pancakes. Then today we had "taco salad" and tomorrow we're having "tortilla surprise" with the leftover beans, rice, and a few other things from the frig! So at dinner tonight, K said "Mommy you never use the same recipe." When I asked why, he said "when you're missing things you have to change it and use other things." Pretty observant. So is it still "taco salad" if you substitute marinated carrots & frozen spinach for the ground beef and leave out the taco seasoning?

In other big news, C has gotten an M&M every day this week for his pottying success. Yeah!!! Yesterday, my mom did get to hear me answer his question with "no, you can't poop on the tree." the things you never imagine you'll say. T is saying more and more things. He was so excited watching our new DVD of James reading books - he kept pointing and saying Da-Da. He nods yes & shakes his head no when you ask him questions- well, sometimes, if he feels like it. He told himself good job when he used his fork last night. What a big boy! He is definitely becoming a clown. Here he is joining the long grey line of bucket head boys. And his silly dress up brothers.

We had a nice day today. T slept in and K &C played so nicely this morning after breakfast. Here's a picture of K's My. Potato Head creations- they all had names too. I was even able to read my Bible before PWOC. The boys had lunch in the car on the way home so we could maximize outside playing time before naps. We all love being outside & it helps with napping too.


Mary Kay said...

Please do not invite us over for dinner this week....

And I won't invite us over either!

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Your kids are so cute! I clicked on the end of your email to me and seen you had a blog so I added you! You spell Kayleigh the same way that we do-I think it is so pretty that way! Hope that you have a great week!