Monday, February 16, 2009

In light of eternity

So we had quite the busy weekend. Saturday morning we went back to Fascinate-U with our neighborhood friends. It's amazing to see how T has changed so much and is now positive he's a big boy. He did everything the big boys did- even made a valentine's card but driving the trucks was his favorite.The plan was to get boys ready for good napping since we knew we would have a fun, late night. It partly worked- we did have a good morning, and C & T did take good naps, but our biggest boy was fighting a nap and then the doorbell rang. Our neighbor's daughter and friend got locked out of their house and wanted to use the phone. That was a little too much excitement for a 4 year old boy to sleep through so we decided to make the best of it and make cookies with our new friends. nothing like a little practice with 11 year old girls.

That night we started our Fun Fridays group babysitting. Kelly and I watched two other families' kids. I thought 12 kids mostly 4 & under was a good time to break my no TV norm. but the boys' favorite part was still having almost everyone get dressed up- my Grandmother's wardrobe has turned into a great costume spot for our growing costume collection.
We spent Sunday recovering and trying to make the coughing and runny noses better instead of worse. We had church at home- we made smiley face bread to remember when God provided for the widow and her family through Elijah. We all took good naps after our late night which we paid for at bedtime. C was pretty sure he was too well rested to go to bed while I was ready. This was when I remembered I should view things in light of eternity- does it really matter if they go to bed an hour later? but in the moment, I used chocolate to comfort myself.

Monday my tired boys slept until almost 8 am so we headed to Walmart before speech. I thought surely the playing outside after speech would get everyone ready for a nap- turns out it only got T and I ready. A long painful non-napping time followed where I did not view things in light of eternity. Thankfully, when I let the boys get up they played so nicely for a long time & I was impressed by their puzzle skills. We walked in the woods with friends again- C is gradually getting losing his fear of dogs although he still prefers them from a distance, even Peanut who is about 4 lbs and C got to walk him.

Today I was reminded of how thankful I am to get to stay home with my boys as I dropped them off at childcare. It felt like I was packing for a week to get all the backpacks ready and then it seemed to take forever to get everyone and everything into the right spots. Of course, once we got settled I was able to go to PWOC and my ultrasound by myself- both were great. KG is looking good- one last u/s in two weeks and then 2 appts and then her delivery- yeah!! PWOC was really good. The program was "My sheep know my voice" and the speaker talked about listening and knowing if we're hearing from God, satan, or ourselves. She used lots of scripture to help teach how to listen. Funny that K talked about one of her key points at dinner tonight- he said "if you want to hear God talk, you have to be very quiet and listen bc it's hard to hear someone else when you're talking yourself." Out of the mouth's of babes!

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Nelson Family of 7 said...

Wow-you sure do keep busy! I love the dress up pictures and the cookies! Hope to be able to make it to Fun Friday next week!