Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talking T

Last night T saw a picture of a bear and said "Pooh". K told him "no it's corduroy." but I thought Pooh was good! Then this morning he said "door" and at dinner quickly learned "pop" for poppers. He's also saying "Ba" for banana. I think I started this post almost a week ago but we've had a whirlwind week- lots of time with friends, too tired at night for much time on the computer. (although I made up for that tonight in my LONG attempt to be able to schedule appointments online- sometimes computers don't make things easier- I'm only trying one more time!)

We got home Monday night and didn't stop- we had dinner with friends one night, Pine Valley Playgroup, Fun Fridays at the church playground, Cadence House for dinner, visit with Santa, Home Fires dinner Sat night, Singing Christmas tree Sun night- what a week! We also decorated & set up our Christmas tree and began our nightly tradition of reading a Christmas story & adding an ornament to our tree. We made and painted salt dough ornaments and colored lots of Christmas coloring sheets. The boys "helped" me rake the pine straw- although they were very confused about why we "don't like pinestraw" any more. The boys made these awesome Santa handprints at the Home Fires dinner. K loved the "Singing Christmas Tree"- he got to sit in the row in front of me with his friends. Tonight we went out to our Veteran's Day dinner at Golden Corral with Leon- the boys were very excited especially with the dessert!

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