Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Before going to Florida for Christmas, we went to a friend's house for dinner & cookie baking. We all had a great time. Next year I'll have to remember to use MaryKay's idea of paintbrushes for decorating cookies. The kids had quite the dance party after dinner which helped everyone go to sleep quick that night. Friday we enjoyed the good weather with Fun Fridays at the park and then had lunch at a friend's house. It was wonderful to get to know a friend better while enjoying fresh coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches, & lunch with an adult. Saturday morning we headed down to Florida- I didn't pick books on CD as well at the library but we made it okay and even had time to play outside & go to Bibb park.

Sunday morning, we paid our taxes (canned goods) to the tax collectors and saw a Roman centurion on a horse. The boys loved the music in church then played in a Sunday School room while another centurion gave the sermon. During our short time in Madison, we did have time for the locking monster strike to again- it's a good thing C is pretty cute especially since it's really to find replacement keys for the ones that are supposed to be on top of the doors.

We headed down to Tampa after church. My parents rented a house in Tampa- the neighborhood was beautiful with a park right down the street & a nice lodge, pool, & hot tub, and lake a couple miles away. We spent lots of time at the parks & pool. (The cranes didn't follow the crane crossing signs so these birds nearly became Christmas dinner.)
Monday afternoon we went to see Ty & Anna at the VA hospital. I am so thankful that Ty is improving. When I got to his room, Anna was helping another family- so touching to see her helping others while they're going through hard times. Then we went to Curt & Michelle's house. The kids sure have grown over the two years since we'd last seen them. After dinner, we headed to the aquarirum which the kids (and adults) all loved. We even got a picture of the 5 kids with Santa.

Tuesday we went to the beach on MacDill AFB- I do think MacDill might edge out Fort Bragg for prettiest post :) The kids had a blast running around the beach, digging sand, flying kites, scaring away fishermen. A great afternoon.
Wednesday we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Curt & Michelle's and then went to their church for the Christmas Eve service. The boys got to be part of their first Christmas Eve program- K & Cousin W were wisemen, Cousin K was a sheep, & C was the littlest angel. Very cute! That night Santa made an appearance at Curt & Michelle's house- I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on K's face as Santa came in the door.The boys woke up so excited Christmas morning. We spent the morning opening stockings, baking Christmas cookies, decorating a gingerbread house, opening presents, & falling/ jumping into the pool in the backyard. (C falling/ me jumping- thankfully my phone was the only thing hurt.) The Hubbards came over and we enjoyed yummy Christmas brunch, opened more presents, then spent the afternoon at the park & pool- a beautiful 80 degree Christmas day.K said he was tired & went to bed before dinner- we saw him the next morning in time to go to Sea World. I did get a little teary during the Salute to the military before the Shamu show- really made me wish James was there with us. The boys all loved Shamu. They've been doing whale shows ever since & say they are going to grow up to be whale trainers (except K wants T to be a builder so he can build houses for all of them.) We had a great day at Sea World- neat shows, great animals, yummy BBQ, right price. We said goodbye to the Hubbards and ended the neat with ice cream for dinner & kids falling asleep on the way home!

We spent our last afternoon in Tampa at the park/ pool with Curt, Glenn, and kids. T loves the water, K had a blast jumping in and kicking around the pool, and C loved the splash pad. The end of a good trip. The next morning Nana took the boys to the park while Dad & I packed. T became quite the slide- he's trying hard to keep up with big brothers. We headed back to Madison, had lunch out, & back to my parents' house. That night we had a first celebration of C's upcoming birthday- he was very excited about singing, his cupcake, & his present. Now he sometimes says he's 3 (since he blew out candles) and sometimes says he's 2 (when he doesn't like what 3 year olds do.)

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