Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's amazing how quick boys go to bed after playing lots with lots of friends. We had a fun day- I can't say that our bread turned out the best tonight but it was fun to get together with friends. we had two other moms & 7 kids over for dinner. K got his wish for another costume party as we had Superman, Flash, Eeyore, Pooh, Karate Man, Home Depot girl & few more running around. The moms even got lots of time to talk while the kids played & played. Our fun with friends began early today as we got to watch a friend's little girl while she had her baby boy today. If you'd told me a few years ago that I would voluntarily take four children 4 & under in to Walmart by myself, I would have said you were crazy. But there we were this morning and it was really ok. A little practice for this spring when Kayleigh arrives! We made gingerbread cookies again- they turned out better today than yesterday although you can see the boys enjoyed them yesterday too when they got to play with friends, drink hot apple cider, & decorate & eat a gingerbread man.When our friends got ready to leave, poor K looked so sad as he heard his friends were headed home to watch movies & he knew he was headed to a nap. I know that it's ok for our kids to have some disappointment but this time I tried to change the subject to something happy & said we could put some Christmas lights up after naps. It worked but of course, after naps, he didn't forget about the lights so I headed back into the attic where I'd looked lots of times for our Fisher Price Nativity; today it was right there. So for our Family Time we did the Nativity story several times- I read and the boys acted it out with our Nativity figures. Then we recorded K telling the story. After I recorded it, I opened James' Christmas card and read where James asked us to record the boys acting it out- pretty neat!

The boys were also super excited to get the Christmas ornament from Daddy. When we get to Skype, James and the boys lots of times do "I'm a Moose" just like the ornament & Daddy's picture-it was perfect!

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