Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KG Baptism

What a beautiful weekend. We drove to Florida for KG's baptism. We arrived in the middle of lots of thunderstorms but thankfully we were blessed by rain mostly during napping times. Sunday afternoon we had quite the storm but it cleared up and the sun came in time for a special afternoon. KG was baptized (like her brothers) in a small ceremony of close friends and family. The First United Methodist Church pastor did a wonderful job- so did KG. She was awake, looking around for most of the ceremony, fussed a little and fell asleep right before the pastor baptized her. I was sure the water on her head would bring tears but she just woke up and looked around a little more. KG was the 6th person to wear my Dad's baptism gown (60+ years old)- my Dad, me, our 3 boys, then KG.  She was the first one to wear pretty pearls!  Then we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner- low country boil.  

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Penny said...

Your cousin Ed also wore it. I had to buy one for Karen because you two were baptized at the same ceremony.It still looks great!
The when the twins were babtized I had to buy another gown!Wish you had been near I would have ask to use the gown! I am so thrilled you have a girl.