Wednesday, March 4, 2009

now Thursday I'm trying to remember my Glass is Half Full

flowers a friend brought over today!
K was better at putting together the houses than me.

can you tell we're enjoying having our vita-mix back- that's a Funky Monkey moustache

here's our new to us double stroller
I know I need to choose to focus on all our many blessings, thank God for them, and look for the things He is teaching me and doing in my life. (But it is harder between the chicken pox, the disappointment of missing a fun day with friends, the cabin fever, and all the clean-ups- yes, I do know those are small things. I am very thankful for my little ones- in sickness and in health, when they are so sweet and when they drive me crazy, even when they try to eat a grapefruit whole and throw up because it was too much, when they have an accident in the bathtub after I just cleaned it from the last accident, when we get chicken pox despite being vaccinated...)

We were so excited about the fun day we had planned today- going to the Durham museum with friends- all that changed when I took T's PJs off to change his shirt and saw spots. The boys were very disappointed but thankfully K took it like a champ (after a minute) and C followed him. I also greatly appreciated the wooden blocks (like lincoln logs) I got at the consignment sale for $3 to put away for when needed- today was the day! God knew we'd need some blocks today!I think God is teaching me to depend on Him instead of needing to spend time with others so much- and to get other people to help me. I'm so thankful that women from my Fun Friday group are helping in so many ways with our group. Sometimes God gives you chicken pox to make sure you ask for help :)

So I was having a little pity party for myself last night- thinking I'm the world's worst mom- when K asked me if I had something I needed to tell him. I thought lots of things but asked what he meant. He said "don't you want to tell me you're sorry for acting sad." That's not really what I was thinking at the time, but he really was right- we have so many blessings I really shouldn't let cancelled plans, a few chicken pox, and grumpy sick boys get me down.

Some of our many blessings-
James will be home in 2 weeks!
I got lots of nice emails from people praying for us
a wonderful friend brought over some groceries and flowers
another friend is bringing dinner tomorrow night
Grandma is coming on Saturday and I'm going to the spa
we have a wonderful family, a great home, terrific neighborhood, church, & friends, and an awesome God who loves us more than we can imagine (K was telling me today how it was a miracle that God knew who he was even before God put him in my tummy- pretty awesome!)

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Nelson Family of 7 said...

Wow Kristen-you sure have a lot going on! Michael and Kayleigh both got the Chicken Pox from the vaccine and then Michael got them again a couple years later which in turn gave me Shingles! I hope that he is better soon and that your days go better! You have an amazing bunch of kids and I can't wait to meet your beautiful little girl soon!