Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years' 2014

I love traditions. I love when the kids remember our tradition and are so excited about them. Even though James is away this year, we've tried to continue many of our traditions. New Years' included. I also like to be flexible (sometimes). We had friends who we really enjoy seeing who could have a park date New Years Eve so we decided to celebrate New Years Eve on New Years Day which is okay!

We got up and fixed pancakes- now I have several pancakes flippers and an egg scrambler so I mostly supervised. we went on our annual bike ride- although this one was very short since I had a flat tire. I sure do miss our wonderful bike repairman. After our bike ride we enjoyed Russian tea, homemade donuts, and oliboli (Hillegonda fixed oliboli- a Dutch New Years tradition- which Hannah brought  over New Years Eve- she and I caught up for a couple hours after the kids went to bed.) The kids played so nicely and it was nice outside so the kids skipped naptime (well Big Girl C napped but the rest had a great time outside.) I didn't have as great a time since I was trying to fix our toilet. I really mess our wonderful handyman, plumber, jack of all trades too.

Then we began fixing appetizers- a tradition we started four years ago. The kids get so excited to go the store (usually BJs) and select an appetizer to fix. These are usually heat and serve but they love choosing, fixing, and serving them. Once we got the appetizers going, it was game time. In years passed we've sometimes used envelopes or balloons with fun ideas listed. This time since James is away and Big Girl C is into everything, the kids and I came up with a list of fun things and I helped pick what we were doing by what Big Girl was up to. Some of our fun- Quirkle, LCR, Bananagrams, and more games. Our little one woke up "hunree" so we were all happy to start eating our yummy/ unhealthy appetizers. Each person served the appetizer they prepared and as they served the appetizer, they told their family member something they love about them. I loved some of the things they said they about each other: "I love playing football with you, i love playing lego with you, I love that you cook", .. but also I also "l love that you are kind, I love that you like to help others, ..."

After dinner, we had another favorite tradition- filling our and reading our time capsule. The kids really get a kick out of reading their past years responses. T cracked up that one year he wrote his name was train and was surprised to see that all four years he put he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. C laughed at how one year he wrote his answers by drawing. We played a few more games before the countdown and toasts (at 7:30). We were thankful that James could Facetime with us and everyone enjoyed the toast- sierra mist and pineapple juice.
We really missed James but were happy to have our traditions and Facetime to connect. We are looking forward to the New Year.

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