Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Part Three

We drove to Orlando Saturday morning. The kids were excited and woke up early so we left while it was still dark and enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights in our neighborhood again. Our drive went so well and it was so nice out that we were even able to go swimming the first day we got to Orlando.

 Sunday morning we went to Downtown Disney. There is a lot of construction going on so lots of stores were closed but we had 4 very excited people when we found this...
 the Lego store and princesses. The kids each picked out a lego set with their Christmas money from Grandmollie. After dragging them away from the store :), we enjoyed the pretty shopping area
 and especially the water fountains where we had several wet kids!
 Lots of nice photo ops!
 And even a train ride.
 After good napping, we were ready for the pool!
 and hot tub!
 Monday we spent hanging out at the condo, last minute shopping, game playing, and swimming. The Hubbards all came over for dinner. Mom brought yummy Country Captain and dairy free, gluten free chocolate cake for dinner and then we enjoyed visiting with family. We had a good time playing two Christmas carol games we learned in Baltimore. Christmas song picture game similar to this and another where we teamed up to think of as many Christmas carols as we could. Curt and Michelle and their partners came in 1 and 2 even before they named all the Put it on the Sleigh songs.

 Tuesday morning we headed to Sea World. We had a wonderful day there. We first saw the North Pole Express. We didn't have much time before the Shamu show and I'm so glad we didn't rush. Instead we took our time to see the Beluga whales were pretty and then went to Shamu land. There was almost no one there. The kids got to walk right up to Shamu Express (kid roller coaster) and several other rides. There was no doubt when the Shamu show ended as tons of people suddenly interrupted our private play area :)
 C enjoyed the train ride with Nana and Papa.
 C and T wanted to sit in the splash zone. The rest of us sat a little higher up in the no splash zone. The show was super- even had sweet baby whale kisses!
 On our way to BBQ lunch, we were glad to see several land animals up close including this snake KG got to pet and lots of beautiful birds.
 The kids loved the shark exhibit. Baby C couldn't stop looking at the "Fish up top" and "Big Fish"
 We all enjoyed our BBQ lunch and then got to watch the dolphins have their lunch! That was like a show by itself. They did lots of tricks before we saw the actual dolphin show.

 Baby C was the only one who fell asleep but all of us were worn out at the end of the day.
 Sea World was beautifully decorated that just walking around was fun. I'm so glad we went and that we stayed to see Sea World lit up at night.
 The only thing we really wanted to do but missed was the O Wondrous Night Show. The kids were in line for the snow globe picture when we heard the announcement that the show was already full- over 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start.
 Wednesday we recovered from Sea World with fun at the pool and can you guess? more swimming!
 We sang Christmas carols and recited the Christmas story for Christmas Eve for our "Florida Christmas"
 Christmas morning the kids woke up early. I was thankful for Adventures in Odyssey to keep them happily occupied for a bit. A thankful for Facetime so we could open stockings and Christmas presents with James. Here are our two ballerinas. We opened stockings and then Happy Birthday to Jesus before having coffee cake. Then lots of fun present opening. We were so blessed by all the wonderful presents. And then enjoyed yummy brunch- sausage breakfast casserole and overnight French toast.
 After more playtime, we headed to Tampa to see the Hubbards again. After a short visit, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and tons of dessert.
 Then bundled up outside for "A Christmas Story."
 C made her rounds to lots of laps.
 Friday morning we drove to see Nutcracker Ice. We got there a little early and decided to look around. I'm so glad we did. It was amazing- huge, pretty, a river runs through it, alligators, turtles, fish, ...
Then we made it to see Ice! It was really neat - Ice carvers brought in from China carved over two million pounds of ice into scenes from the Nutcracker. Amazing detail. Beautiful! It was also very cold! So thankful for the parkas they loan everyone for the 9 degree room. I should have brought hats and gloves but we didn't get frostbite :) I guess we did go a little Overboard for Christmas.

Kids loved the slides and we went at the perfect time- not many people there! When we left, there was a long line to get in. Another great day!
We ended our Florida Christmas with hamburgers and music by the pool. And of course more swimming! We really wished James had been with us but we had a good trip. We enjoyed wonderful food, good company, great weather, super presents. A Merry Christmas!

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