Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So thankful

It's so easy to get caught up in what isn't the way I want it to go like this morning when childcare wouldn't let C stay because i took his benadryl out of the box it came in. Instead I should be thankful that he doesn't need the Benadryl, that he doesn't have dangerous allergies, that I could still go to my appointment, that my appointment went well... 

another reason that it's good to have Thanksgiving. God knew we need a time to remember to be thankful. Here's some  pics from Thanksgiving:
We attended a library where Lumbee tribe members taught and danced. It was crowded but very interesting. I don't know that I'd ever heard their theory on the Lost Colony- that the colonists didn't die but joined the Lumbee people.

We enjoyed a nice hike to the lake behind our house.  Unfortunately we are not going to walk there again until after hunting season since a couple from our church told us people are hunting back there now.

We attended another library program where the kids heard Thanksgiving stories and made a Mayflower in a bottle.

One of the kids' favorite places to go- Smith Lake with friends. Right before Thanksgiving the kid had a great time building lots of forts.

K and T got to go with friends to a work day at Rick's Place

I can't find my pic of KG's new Bible. KG and I went to go get her big girl Bible since she finished her 100 Easy Lessons. She's doing terrific reading the Bible with Daddy every morning!

My parents drove up Tuesday and went with us to gymastics/ dancing on post. Then Wednesday morning I took the boys to their first dentist appointment back in Fayetteville.

Our new dentist- Fire house Dentistry- we all love it!I'm so glad  a friend recommended here!

We spent the rest of Wednesday cooking and playing games. My biggest worry was the turkey which James has always done but it turned out ok in the Big Easy!

Thursday morning Grandma, Pops Leon, and Uncle Brian came down. We had lots of food: turkey, sweet potato casserole, dressing, gravy, green beans, and lots of dessert. We did miss James and the greens he always cooks. The kids made pecan and pumpkin pies and Grandma brought angel food cake and egg custard.

After lots of eating, the kids went outside to run off some energy. Then we played lots of games...

or napped. I didn't add the photos of the nappers!

On Friday, the kids opened first Christmas presents- see their nice Christmas clothes! We went down to the Charles Dickens festival downtown Fayetteville. We took pictures with Father Christmas. I think the kids' favorite spot was Fascinate-U for warmth and playing!

We had lots of outdoor fun, basketball, baseball, frisbee, ...

And got to celebrate "Big Girl" turning Two again! A very nice Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!

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