Tuesday, January 6, 2015

School 2014-2015

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving  after New Years.. I never wrote a post about our school starting so here are some pics.

LewCrew Christian Academy '14 pancakes

How'd they get big so fast?

Nature study and hiking!

Socialization and Swimming

History at the 82nd Airborne Museum with the BBs

Cool find on our nature hike

Even cooler find- we were so surprised to find this lake on our walk

More history at the Museum of the Cape Fear 

More swimming and socialization

Tennis at Mazarick Park

More socialization (aka birthday party)- look at this nice line   

Nature walk, hiking, and obstacle course
Soccer Fun

Easy science experiment- we brought a closed pinecone into the house to see if it would open up when it got warm. Look on day two- opened pine cone with seeds released into the box.

Fire station field trip- fire safety

I don't have pictures of math but the kids are doing really well. They are all using Math U See.  K is finishing up Epsilon, C is working on Delta, T plugging through Gamma, KG working on Alpha, and Big Girl is excited to have T's old Beta book. She wants to do math with everyone else- she does need some help though. :)

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