Friday, October 19, 2012

All full/ Looking Back

That's the message I got on my blog tonight. well last night instead of now- early morning when I can't get back to sleep. I think I've filled my space on the blog because of the pics on the sidebar. But I didn't want to just delete them so here are some of those pics- so fun to look back!
These are from February 2010.
5 1/2 yo K
4 yo C
2 1/2 yo T

KG was just 11 months old!

 spring 2011
 first birthday
 Easter 2011
 Easter 2012
 Aug 2011 (2 yo KG)
 7 yo K
 4 yo T
 5 1/2 yo C
 fall 2011
 Christmas 2011 K

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