Monday, August 20, 2012

Park Quests

Last Saturday we headed out for Park Quest #7 but it was such a pretty drive that we decided to do two. First we went to Sassafras  where the kids enjoyed digging through the archaeological boxes to find evidence from past 200 years. 

 After our dig, we headed into the house, where the kids loved dressing up as all sorts of Park Service workers. They were ready for cold weather, rock climbing, boating, being a park ranger, ...
 giving classes on animal bones,

 Then we headed out to the lake to dip for animals. We found a few neat birds and bugs and then headed to Wye Island.

At Wye Island, we went on a beautiful hike through the woods, over lots of wooden bridges while learning about animals. The Great holly tree was huge- almost 300 year old. Great day! Great fun! Park Quests 7 and 8 complete!

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