Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How time flies! This summer and this life! It seems like just yesterday we were wondering when our first son would arrive. I was sure it would be 4th of July since that was my original due date. I even took a bag to the cookout at a friend's house. But he was not ready and waited until the doctor pushed and prodded him to try to turn him around. He did not want to turn so he didn't get a choice. I had my first C-section and we got to meet our sweet little boy July 15th 2004. The years have flown by- we're in our 3rd state, 4th house since his birth. He's changed tons. No longer a tiny 7 lb 6 oz baby, or a chubby faced toddler. He's now a tall thin boy who loves to read, draw, play Army, take pictures, build with legos and who I love with all my heart.

 We were excited to be able to celebrate K's 8th birthday with a "hamburger" with Nana and Papa!
 We also went to an Orioles' game. We've enjoyed the Dugout club this year- even if it was hot. We had yummy snacks, bottles of water, score cards, fun batting cages. good times!
Happy Birthday K!

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